Trade In Video Games For Prepaid Visa Cards With Wal-Mart’s New Gaming Site

Recently, Wal-Mart has announced the creation of a video game sales and information site by the name of “gamecenter”. Gamecenter will give previews of video games and lets gamers see and buy new games. Gamers can trade in video games and consoles for prepaid Visa cards through a special program.

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freezola753077d ago

Yo my ears went up like I heard a whistle that noone else heard!! lol They're going in on that monopoly man. However you know that it wasn't going to be a small up and coming company.... It had to be a corporation that practically prints money like Gamestop themselves. Walmart is just the giant to pick a huge fight for our dollars.... that is until we find out about some hidden stipulation with their policy or something.... but for now I say more power to them I just hope that it ends up being a win win for us gamers ya know?

Darkstorn3077d ago

I don't know. I don't think Walmart's TIVs can beat Amazon's. Amazon will always be the best place for trade-ins.