Atari Brand Seen as 'Obsolete,' finds E-Score Study

IndustryGamers has fond childhood memories of playing Atari with friends, but it's now 2010 and there's an entire generation of gamers out there that's never touched an Atari system (or even an NES or SNES in some cases). The video game landscape has changed radically in the last 30 years, and especially in the last five. One has to wonder if Atari really resonates as a brand anymore.

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GuruStarr782798d ago

I'm 32 now, so I played alot of Atari, but I remember clearly when the NES came out and pretty much stamped out most of the remaining life out of Atari.....while, I know they have been producing and publishing games since then, (I remember the Jaguar distinctly and that enormous controller!) they really have'nt done anything as groundbreaking as the original systems (although, I do remember really wanting a Lynx)......Atari will always hold a fondness in my memories as a 5 year old playing it with my dad.....

I think it would be cool if they were to get back into making consoles and suddenly put a system out that was capable enough to compete with the big three? Doubtful, but always possible.