Xbox 360 Elite priced at £329.99

HMV, and GAME have published a price point for the new black Xbox 360 Elite, although Microsoft is yet to confirm how legit it is.

According to all three retailers the upgraded console will come in at £329.99 when it arrives in the UK on August 24, £50 more than the £279.99 premium pack.

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rev204167d ago

When for £60 more i can get a ps3 and two games and bluray movies etc

Also Known As4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

rev20 you mean 100 right? you do realize that is equivalent to more than $60 american dollars right?

Vip3r4167d ago

No Rev20 is correct. For £60 more on you can get a PS3 2 games, HDMI cable and a extra controller.

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hella whip4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

Can't see it selling that well to be honest, People are going to see the premium and get that. There really isn't that much difference between.

LOL @ 1 The ps3 with two games and extra controller is the better deal. the elite is going to fail.

Lex Luthor4167d ago

Damn, that's much cheaper than i thought. Only 50 pounds more than premium(assuming premium version is still 279.99 pounds).

I was expected around 380-90 pounds.

DirtyRat4167d ago

This is too expensive imo, 360 has been out 2 years now and I think the premium should drop to £200, and the Elite should be under £300, otherwise they have a hard time competing with the playstation brand.

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The story is too old to be commented.