Epic Fable III Journey Expands to Windows

Lionhead Studios have confirmed on their Fable development blog that there will be a Windows PC version of Fable III. They also provide details of the Standard and Limited Collectors Editions for Xbox 360, and reveal the cover art and packaging.

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StanLee2984d ago

Still waiting on my PC version of Fable 2 with all downloadable content included.

Raf1k12984d ago

I've a feeling that might not happen. Looking forward to this though.

Darkstorn2984d ago

Same. I loved Fable on the original Xbox, but defected to the PS3 this gen and therefore was never able to play Fable 2. Hopefully at E3 they'll announce that Fable 2 will be coming to PC before Fable III comes out...

Simonkey752984d ago

Yep, Fable 2 PC's a gonna I fear. Bizarre to skip it really.

thorstein2980d ago

One thing that has been bothering me has been MS's marquise titles not coming to PC. Now Fable III. I have the lost chapters still!