Off The Radar - THQ: You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised By Homefront

A look back at the announcement of Homefront, with an update on current development status from THQ.

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movements3077d ago

Looking forward to this one for sure!

scruffy_bear3077d ago

Looking forward to Homefront

dardinkay3077d ago

Hmm, should I be anticipated?

mjolliffe3077d ago

Definitely! The first trailer of the game was enough for me to be interested. Now I'm hoping for a load of footage at E3, and good for them if they think they can take on the likes of some of the best FPS' around. I just hope they pull it off :)

kidnplay3077d ago

Looks fantastic, wonder if there'll be anything at E3 10?

mjolliffe3077d ago

It says there will be thankfully :)

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The story is too old to be commented.