Gratitude: A Big Thank You To Game Developers, We Appreciate You

Gamers are a demanding crowd. Year after year developers work hard, harder than most other forms of entertainment to bring us what we want. For some reason we the gamers pay no mind to what goes on behind the scenes; all we’re interesting in is everything, and I mean everything being perfect. That’s a tall order considering how much effort, research, brainstorming and the likes that goes into making a great game.

But when last did we pause for a moment and really think about how much we take these developers for granted? And the thing is they never complain. Well I believe there’s a time for everything under the sun; and today I ask you to join me in saluting your favorite development team.

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Nike3130d ago

"But when last did we pause for a moment and really think about how much we take these developers for granted?"

Pretty sure you guys never did, what with all the flamebait you put out.

alaa3130d ago

@Nike, that's so childish. A website brings a piece of news, that many other sites including this respected one:


And all of a sudden the site is pumping flamebait... Childish....

On topic: Big shout out to Naughty Dog and Rare!

Big shout out to Bungie!

Nike3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

I've seen that link. You've been showing it to me for the third post now. So I'll address it.

This is what the headline says on N4G and Gamesthirst:

"Red Dead Redemption Dev Prefers Xbox 360"

This says the same on N4G for CVG, but on their site, they included a byline and a lead that indicates it's not that simple:

"Red Dead dev prefers Xbox 360...but Lazlow says gamers should 'sell blood' to get a PS3 as well.

"Red Dead Redemption dev and GTA DJ Lazlow has said that he prefers the Xbox 360 over the PlayStation 3 - but worded his answer very carefully indeed."

Was that on Gamesthirst? Nope.

And don't pretend GamesThirst is anything but a flamebait spammer. They write for N4G hits and nothing else. Literally all their content is reactionary bilge meant to rub some fanboys or the other on this site the wrong way. How else do you explain these?

And trust me, there is way, way, way more where that came from.

Jack Klugman3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Let's not forget the "Third Party Devs should no longer make Exclusives" and then uses Epic who has their games already on every platform and their engine.. just to rub 360 fanboys

this site has a history of garbage.

oh and I thank developers every time I drop $60 for their game.

HolyOrangeCows3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Very few developers have earned it these days and those who have, have received my gratitude in the form of 60 smackers.

falviousuk3130d ago

Totally agree with you Nike, all ive seen on here are flamebait articles from that website as well as a couple of other guilty culprits. They are only there to incite the crowd and get the hits. Just as well i have a few brain cells and choose not to visit this site at all or any of the others.

Nike3130d ago

If you'd like a few sites with some interesting, well written and generally hardcore views on gaming (they provide some interesting news on occasion as well), head to:

www.experiencepoints.blogspot .com

I'm not sure if some of those articles will be your cup of tea (especially Border House, since they focus a lot on gender identity and sexuality in gaming), but I'm found these places to be a wealth of opinions and interesting articles (especially GameSetWatch). Definitely articles written by true gaming enthusiasts and not hit-seekers.

unrealgamer583130d ago

shout out to you naughty dog, Insomniac, liverpool(or what's left), UFG, MM, Criterion, gearbox, lightbox (aka incognito) and whoever else I'm forgetting!

mjolliffe3130d ago

Naughty Dog and Insomniac, I love you :) Oh, and how can I forget Bungie!

BeaArthur3130d ago

Agreed, I love Insomniac games and Naughty Dog and Bungie are two of the best at supporting their games and communities.

Charmers3130d ago

You know if they did their job out of the kindness of their heart I would quite happily thank them. However they don't they provide a product and I pay for that product with my hard earned cash. I work hard for my money and too often I end up buying games that are bugged, unfinished and have amateur mistakes in them.

I would say it is time developers actually thanked US for putting up with appalling levels of customer service and quality control. But no not when it comes to the software industry we are meant to be soooooo grateful. I never bothered thanking the company that made my TV, Settee, Carpet, House, Car or my toaster and I am not about to thank developers. I sure as hell need my car and toaster more than I need a 6 hour computer game.

dizzleK3130d ago

a-freakin-men. how about developers thank their lucky stars that we haven't all walked away from this hobby in disgust.

whitesoxfalife3130d ago

every time i go out and buy a game we are their biggest fans of the world i mean we always on our favorite website tryn to get the latest on what they are gonna do in the next two years(dev time).i mean shiid we speak in volumes even when they fuck up soment like a few that we know we speak very loud and they hear us some of them anyway... some of us even follows them on twitter/facebook i could go on and on but i know yall get mines and eveybody else's points on here as me if a game dont sell at least 1 mill there won't be no sequal to that game its a eco system we thank them they thank us and return more money in they're pockets just like anything else in life

Double Toasted3130d ago

Yup, and I show my appreciation by buying my games least I try to.

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