Red Dead Redemption vs GTA 4

As expected, this game shares the exact same structure as GTA: it’s an open world game with main story missions plus a *ton* of side content to explore and discover.

GTA was excellent, but pretty much everything is improved in Red Dead Redemption: the gunplay is more fun, the setting is more visually interesting.

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arsenal552832d ago

After playing Red dead redemption, GTA4 has NOTHING on this game.

Rumor2832d ago

is too epic for its own good

chaosatom2831d ago

I am thinking about waiting for this game and letting the price go down.

I bought FF13 and I feel compelled to finish that before this. FF13 is a bit redundant, but I like it.

villevalorox2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

the only issur i have wit the gta vs rdr is tht you have to admit in gta there is a lot more to do. I really wish you could swim in rdr :( or use animal skin as camouflage lol tht would be cool.. uhh ohwell i have both and both are great games.

Edit: Okay sorry for all the typos guys, it's 5:30 am almost and I'm far too lazy to go back and fix them all. :)

Man In Black2832d ago

The amount of stuff you can do, and the randomness of events already makes it more enjoyable. Plus, the shooting is a lot more fun.

Only thing is, the hand to hand is terrible.

psman0122832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Completely agree. @villevalorox, I though that in RDR there was a lot more to do. The night jobs, horse breaking, hunting, treasure hunting, bounty hunting (lots of hunting :D), story line, random events, and not to mention, black jack, horse shoes, texas hold'em, liars dice, and five finger fillet. Whooo!

But in my opinion, I also own both, and I much prefer RDR over GTA. The combat feels much better to me, it is much more open, and the visuals are amazing.

Oh, and lack of swimming in RDR sucks :D

NecrumSlavery2832d ago

Red Dead Redemption brings the fun and variety that hasn't been seen since San Andreas. GTA4 went to dramatic that it lost the fun factor.

XactGamer2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Red Dead is simply the best looking and best playing open world game to date

GAM3R7l2831d ago

The best LOOKING open world game is Crysis, followed by Just Cause 2, then FarCry 2. RDR, like GTA4, is a rather ugly game, by comparison. But fun as hell....

PoSTedUP2831d ago

i really found RD:R to be very empty. my cousin thinks its awesome though because he's into cowboys, but me, it was kind of boring there was little to do but kill coyotes and trot around in an empty desert. i guess i have to play it for longer so: story wise i cannot compare bc i havent played RDR story, but sandbox wise GTA4 blows it away.

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sid4gamerfreak2832d ago

GTA 4 vs Red Dead Redemption? Seriously?

Next up: Lamps vs Apples


What are you on about? they are both similar open world games set in different time periods made by Rockstar using the same engine

Although RDR wipes the floor with GTA4

sid4gamerfreak2832d ago

@Cybersnake: Yeah, they maybe open world games but they are radically different in terms of actual gameplay. Both are in different time periods, thus both play out differently and give the gamer different experiences.

Just like lamps gives the user a bright experience, apples give the user a delicious experience. Different experiences. Get me?

poindat2832d ago

This is what I've been saying since the game released, yet everybody has dismissed me, just as they dismiss you.

I don't understand the fervor of comparing the two games. For a solid comparison, you need some basic similar foundations -- yet the only one that Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV share is the open-world aspect. I feel like this should be common sense, as the two games are totally different experiences with almost no shared features.

Bubbles just because the whiplash against our viewpoints is entirely unjustified. I haven't yet seen anybody make a decent counter-argument, yet the disagrees role in.



comparatively,RDR is superior sp wise.......yet GTA4 perhaps was more enjoyable in the mp categorie.
Either way,both games are NOT deserving of near perfect scores......
RDR's sp is great,the mp is BAD.GTA4's sp was mundane,the mp FUN......

RDR imo= 7.5
GTA4 imo=7
R* always shows promise....and then followed by stellar reviews always shows sales.However,I personally am disappointed.Not greatly but enough.
I ask; The perfect scores are justifiable how?

aaronisbla2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

they are justifiable because its not your opinion, its theirs, get over it.

Should they lower the score they think the game deserves in their eyes because random joe shmoe over the internet may think otherwise? Nah, doesn't work that way dude. There isn't always a conspiracy going on in review scores.

Multiplayer is great fun for me, but it doesn't make how you feel about it right or wrong, just an opinion, just like those guys who review games are entitled to

Downtown boogey2832d ago

"they are justifiable because its not your opinion"

So... Only HE can't give perfect scores?
Or perhaps you mean that whatever score he gives it's ALWAYS wrong so any other given score is thus "justifiable"?

tdogchristy902832d ago

I never got into the GTA series, didn't like the whole Gangster thing. But Red Dead Redemption I really have enjoyed because it's not gangster lol. LA Noire also looks AMAZING!

Downtown boogey2832d ago

"I never got into the GTA series, didn't like the whole Gangster thing. But Red Dead Redemption I really have enjoyed because it's not gangster lol."

"...because it's not gangster lol."...
So even you, yourself aren't really convinced by what you just said, ha?

heroicjanitor2832d ago

I hate how you can't swim in RDR. I also hate how they never get an Irish guy to do the Irish accent. His accent is bad but there are loads of things wrong, like pronouncing the "f" in "of". It's pronounced "i" or "o'" :P

Also I'd like to be able to do some of the random missions in free roam mode with friends, or drink in the bar, or several other things I thought you would be able to do.

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