Red Dead Redemption: were we shown too much?

George Walter of GamesRadar writes: As far as games of 2010 go, Red Dead Redemption has been number one on my list of games to play ever since Rockstar released an extended 'introduction' trailer at the end of last year.
In retrospect I blame this trailer, at least in part, for why when I sat down to play Red Dead Redemption this week, I didn't get that rush of excitement that previous Rockstar titles have given me: the filmic quality of their opening sequences, and that initial feeling of 'F**k! I'm finally actually controlling the character that up til now I've only seen in CG footage and static screenshots'.

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Greywulf2949d ago

Gamers ruin games alll the time. The option is simple, if you're looking forward to something. Don't read every single preview.