LittleBigPlanet 2 – Direct control seats

Sackbot and direct control seats: The future of lbp, and the main features of the sequel !

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sikbeta2893d ago

LittleBigGoty 2

I can't wait to create my Own Shadow of The Sackboys + The Sackboy version of TS:FP

blizzard_cool2893d ago

Mm actually has their own SotC level in the game :D

benandlol2893d ago ShowReplies(1)
Mit2892d ago

LBP2!!? Why!? The first one was horrible!

shadow27972892d ago

I'm starting to sense that you're a troll...

Denethor_II2893d ago

This game simply looks amazing. If SMG2 can earn a 10/10 rating, then maybe this can too when it ships.

NastyLeftHook2893d ago

media molecule, i think you just made your 2nd game of the year.

D4RkNIKON2893d ago

I have been addicted to LBP lately. The create mode online with friends is the best feature. One of my PSN friends and i have been putting hours every night into creating a Killzone 2 level. It is more fun creating and using the tools with friends than it is playing community levels in my opinion.

clarkdef2893d ago

Yes creating is where its at.

blizzard_cool2893d ago

Oh a creator in development I see, well my friend if you wind up wanting to promote your level:

jerethdagryphon2893d ago

yea i can remake my 3 man space ship controlled by one person...wheres the fun in that :)
mmm so many ideas.....

apearently the calculator guy is mentioned in credits or something :)
sackboy returns :)

thor2893d ago

The guy who made that massive calculator level, Upsilandre I think his name was, was mentioned in the presentation given by Media Molecule announcing LBP2. The point of what they were saying is that you can now fit that ENTIRE calculator level onto a SINGLE microchip. AMAZING what you will be able to achieve.