Sony America VP: 'I want content on disc not DLC'

Although we're seeing an increasing focus on DLC and digital distribution, SCEA's vice president Rob Dyer wants the industry to maintain focus on retail releases.

Dyer believes that disc releases are the only way of ensuring that new content can be used by 100 percent of the targeted audience.

"You can talk about why DLC is important to help limit the used game business and to keep people holding onto [the game]," Dyer said.

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young juice2950d ago

how do they explain the psp go?

zootang2950d ago

I think they mean add on DLC and they were talking about the PlayStation 3

PirateThom2950d ago

Failed, but logical, experiment

Heartnet2950d ago

He is talking about DLC not a whole game.. he wants the whole game and all content to be played on first purchase i think the point he is trying to make..

SkyGamer2950d ago

Of course they want to stay with discs. Even with dlc as they can charge royalties as well as trying to keep the bluray momentum as long as they can. sony has always been about disc, discman, umd, bluray, minidisc, etc. So it would make sense for them to try and hold onto this format (disc physical based).

gamingisnotacrime2950d ago

so the psp go is a psp without UMD nor Crisis Core, sucks!

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nan02950d ago

I'm sick of the gaming industry milking the system. Personally I'm an organized person, and having all of the DLC from Fallout 3 on one disc clears my mind. I hate clutter, and I hate taking up space on my hard drive. All separated on my PS3... ew.

CadDad2950d ago

I owned Fallout 3 and purchased the GOTY just so I didn't have to worry about having just digital copies years from now.

It's a game I know I'll be back to play at some point, so it makes super sense in that regard.

Digital downloads are great for things without long-term replay value, or quick little mini-games and such.


Kassanova072950d ago

Don't forget Oblivion and LittleBigPlanet iterations of GotY :)

djfullshred2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

I sold my original Fallout 3 for ten bucks, and bought GOTY for retail price just to have it all on one disc. It ended up being the same cost as downloading all the DLC & keeping my original disc.

I have had to re-download all my stuff after my first PS3 broke. I will always prefer disc over download because of how much a pain it is to redownload everything.

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raWfodog2950d ago

Not everyone has access (or is able to afford access) to the Internet, even in this day and age.

(But, at the same time, you have to wonder how they were able to afford one of the consoles, if they can't afford internet access) :)

One way of limiting the used game business is to offer exciting and essential dlc that is available only with new games. It wouldnt be needed to complete the game but it would offer a more complete gameplay experience.

Darkstorn2950d ago

I'm a prime example. I live on the rural Northern California coast and all that's available here is dial-up. I have to take my PS3 to a friend's house in town to download patches, demos, etc.

I was contemplating getting satellite internet, but it's not sufficient for online play, is very expensive, and limits you to about 100mb per day (with penalties for going over).

Hopefully this new broadband bill will open up the frontier for high speed access, because as of yet, digital distribution is impossible for those of us who can only use dial-up.

Darkstorn2950d ago


I'm not going to move just because my location isn't ideal for gaming, man...

Northern CA has it's ups, though. I live in the epicenter of marijuana production in the U.S., can go to San Francisco for concerts, and know pretty much everybody here in Mendocino County.

pangitkqb2950d ago

than the delivery method. I'm all for Digital distribution, I'm not for cutting chunks of game that should have been there in the first place and then having to buy it as "DLC."

kewlkat0072950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

That's my issue with Devs. Is it content that's already on the Disc that's being unlocked through a patch download or is it totally new content to enhance gameplay made after release?

I'm not really against DLC per say, if your getting content to improve the game/multiplayer experiences until the next iteration of the game.

Bottom line is always money to businesses.

Heisenberg2950d ago

I like being able to bring the game I payed for to a friends house if I please.

sikbeta2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Rob Dyer, you're my Hero From Now on, I Don't Want DLC, I want Everything On My Disc From Day ONE...

badz1492950d ago

especially rip-off ones like Capcom games! AMEN BROTHER!

kaveti66162950d ago

Isn't there DLC for first party titles like KZ2 and Resistance? I like DLC as long as it's cheap if not free and as long as the content was not part of the original game development. If it was, that means the developers intentionally cut the content from the game so they could sell it to gamers for a separate cost.

ironfist922949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Sony is smart

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Lou-Cipher2950d ago

(In Hulk Hogan Voice)

Amen Brother!!!

Nicholas Cage2950d ago

your the best company for gaming that has ever existed. i honor you right now. thank god for sony.

on topic: i agree, content on the disk makes things less complicated for people who unfortunatley do not have online.

k-Lan2950d ago

lmao! sad. I agree with having all content on disk though.

Shadow Flare2950d ago

Yesterday some moron on this site said regarding GT5, "Release it now and patch it later". What an ape. I want to know the game I buy is complete. This is the problem with this generation. There are many things I prefered in the ps2 days, and buying a game that you know will have 100% of its content on it is one of them. I admire devs who refuse to rush a game out and patch later just to get quick sales. Polyphony Digital, keep doing what you're doing. You're the kings of quality and thats why people love you

DaReapa2950d ago

"This is the problem with this generation. There are many things I prefered in the ps2 days, and buying a game that you know will have 100% of its content on it is one of them."

I couldn't have spoken better words, m'man. Last gen in summary - more content, fewer bugs/glitches.

bviperz2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Instant gratification. Even if it's broke/unfinished, who cares, they want it now! Until the next best thing. Everything went that way, not just games. Movies on demand, Netflix, instant noodles, etc. I'm with you, rather have a 100% complete product than a half-a$$ effort.

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