Top 10 Video Game Enemies We Love to Kill

From the feature top 10 list:

"Since the dawn of gaming, players have spent most of their time doing harm to creatures of various sorts. Some of the original games saw you chomping ghosts or blasting invading aliens from the sky. In most games it’s done for some noble or legitimate purpose, i.e. rescuing others or yourself from certain doom, saving the planet from a hostile takeover or foiling a villain’s plans for universal domination. The various minions you might have to defeat in droves over your quest are many and varied, so we thought it’d be good to give them some recognition. Without further ado I present the top 10 video game enemies we like to kill."

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LaurenKB1232798d ago

LOL at the Rats choice, go TMNT game!

Inside_out2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Who doesn't like to kill the

All the INCREDIBLE detailed enemies in Gears franchise...

Recently...the form shifting enemies in Alan Wake...INSANE AI in these games...

dirthurts2798d ago

The old putties from Power Rangers would be on there. ha ha. Oh well. Zombies are cool too.

champ212798d ago

The villian in Portal :P

tomisnever2798d ago

I'd say the lamps, if i ever play i game the first thing i shoot are the lamps and light bulbs.

erathaol2798d ago

Demons/Devils didn't make the list? Considering that they make for some of the most interesting boss fights you'd think they would. Look at Doom and Diablo for reference.