Newell: Graphics are solved, future is online

Valve MD Gabe Newell believes the problem of improving graphics in video games has been solved, and “the future is much more about figuring out how to use the internet to create better entertainment experiences”.

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tdogchristy902799d ago

I would have to agree. I look at the current generation of consoles and in no way say (from a graphical stand point) that we need new hardware. Sure maybe one more improvement may be seen but I don't see it justifying new consoles. I would think that it would move to online, we need to improve the lag, glitch, and over all smoothness that comes with the online gaming age.

Letros2799d ago

Dedicated servers solve most of those problems.

Reibooi2799d ago

I would agree that there is alot to improve when it comes to online things in gaming but I would have to disagree that visuals are solved.

We have seen countless devs say they think the visuals for the next generation will jump just as much as this one did and the Pixar level visuals we had been promised this gen just never happened. There is still ALOT of room for graphics to grow and more ways to make better looking games cheaper. There are still devs out there who can't afford a way to make a good looking game. The next step would be finding out how to create something on the level of say a Uncharted 2 with a lower budget so more devs can take advantage of the power of the console they are working on.