Mercedes AMG Driving Academy Using GT5 Demo

Mercedes AMG Driving Academy which kicks off this month will feature Gran Turismo 5's Mercedes SLS AMG racing demo.

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zootang2858d ago

The Real Driving Simulator

Godmars2902858d ago

The demo of the real driving simulator...

eagle212858d ago

Correction: The Ultimate Driving Simulator. :)

Zeevious2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Correction: The Ultimate Demo of the Ultimate Driving Simulator! B^)

Zeevious2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Correction Corrected: The Real Demo of the Real Driving Simulator!

Now help me look for my missing 6 bubbles...I've been all over the server room after the N4G upgrade and can't find them!


Did I mention my sense of humor is as sharp as a Zirconium Carbide Knife?


Well it is...I thought I'd just mentioned that.

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gaffyh2858d ago

I'm sure they could have picked a better car than the AMG for the cover of GT5, but it does look good. Plus, I'm sure it helps with securing little deals like this one.

doG_beLIEfs2858d ago

LOL, so many reviewers and fanboys keep saying how the Definitive racer might not look as good as GT5 does, but it has way better physics.

I guess Mercedes and many other PROFESSIONAL drivers disagree.

What say you those who keep saying that the definitive racer has better physics? What say you when those who are PROFESSIONALS don't even mention your definitive racer?

gaffyh2858d ago

I'm guessing you're talking about Forza, all I'm gonna say is that all the GT-haters will shut up at E3. Even if Forza 4 is announced, GT5 will most likely surpass it in terms of graphics and features.

Chubear2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

The haters will NEVER shut up. They will find something ANYTHING to hand on to. Watch, after their "no damage like forza" was *itch slapped into oblivion their next will be "LOLZ look at teh lighting on teh pebbles on the grass lolz"

and we'll get 100 articles on N4G about one tiny thing blow out of proportion. Look to any and all PS3 exclusives as example.

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Pennywise2858d ago

How can they comment on which has better physics when the final Gt5 isnt even out yet?

Godmars2902858d ago

Turn 10 started the "Definitive" crap, failed to deliver, and have gotten what they deserve. Namely laughed at.

That said, if this is honest and not paid-off advertising - and at best this is probably mutual advertising - then it says something. Hopefully the game will only be better.

soxfan20052857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

If producing the highest rated console driving sim since 2001 is what you consider "failure to deliver", then you are beyond delusional.

2857d ago
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NastyLeftHook2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

perfect choice of car, but please please bring the Honda S2000 RoadsterHonda S2000 Roadster

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