Brand New Tiger Woods 11 Screenshots

Check out the latest Tiger Woods 11 screenies to drop from the EA castle in the sky.

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bgrundman2831d ago

Damn this game is looking pretty... too bad about the whole EA Online pass thing potentially messing it all up.

roblef2831d ago

yeah... too bad about that. At least they will still have an online presence for the game.

starven2831d ago

Just don't buy the game used and you'll be fine. THQ is doing the same stupid thing. We are entering into a new world here.

wondroushippo2831d ago

I am actually more curious about what they are doing with their micro transaction based PC game.

bgrundman2831d ago

I have actually played it and it is pretty solid. Most of the courses are blocked off unless you pay.

darkroomdemons2831d ago

I think you should have to pay for each girl Tiger brings to the "clubhouse". Way to go EA!