Amazon, Wal-Mart trade shots in pre-order price war

Looking to get into some of the year's upcoming games? Thanks to a couple of recent moves by big-box retailers, your pocket-book could well be about to get a little relief -- assuming you don't mind committing yourself to a pre-order.

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tdogchristy902983d ago

This seems like a good deal, but to ensure my day one pick up and utilizing my RewardZone I'll probably just go to my local BestBuy.

Christopher2981d ago

Great deal... for Wal-Mart, Amazon and our wallets. Worst thing out there for small businesses.

outrageous2982d ago

Competition is always a good thing

hemchander2982d ago

yes i agree with you outrageous

SpitFireAce852982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

The Great deals they offer amazon especially but for some
reason i just love to pick up a great game like RDR at
midnight and thats the reason i got it from Gamestop for
the midnight release and they also gave me 31$ for MW2
they had a 30% extra credit if you preorderd RDR.

gta28002981d ago

I love it when companies battle it out like this. I can give a shit how much they're losing. Cause in the end we win hehe.

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