Red Dead Redemption Dev Prefers Xbox 360

Red Dead Redemption is now out and doing pretty well. It was sold out in many stores in the UK while topping the software sales charts everywhere it’s available. Lazlow, one of the game’s developers and the radio DJ featured in the GTA games had a very long and interesting discussion with the BBC News Beat, and in the interview a very pointed question was asked.

Which is better, PS3 or Xbox 360, he said:

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Hellsvacancy2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

He said prefers Xbox Live, thats it

young juice2980d ago

its kinda funny how he prefers Xbox live when rockstar cant even make a descent online just sayin.

RDR's online isnt exactly something to be remembered

StanLee2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

What does that have to do with anything? It's a choice between the two consoles and he prefers the XBox 360 for XBox Live. I'm certain as a gamer he plays other games and the reason has nothing to do with Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer.

hay2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

@young juice: Don't get so offensive. He didn't badmouth the other one you know. He just stated what are his console preferences. Don't kill the puppies cause someone likes Xbox.

With reactions like that I wonder why devs are still speaking about their personal preferences, and why most of those answers are diplomatic to the point of agony.
You just can't be a game dev with your own opinion these days cause fanboys are just lurking to turn it into an attack...

young juice2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

whoa relax guys, i wasnt tryin to offend anyone. i just think its kinda ironic.

@hay i myself also prefer xbox live. the way your defending xbox when i didnt even mention anything negative about it makes think your a fanboy. see what i did there? please dont jump to conclusions.

Proxy2980d ago

For all you accomplished developers out there, please keep your opinions to yourself. Sure you have a strong background in both hardware and software, but this does not qualify your opinion any.

Anyone else should feel more than free to share their opinion, even if it is based solely on the fact that you got one console, and not the other, for your birthday. We want to hear what you think!

UnwanteDreamz2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I think in a rush to judge this guys comment you missed his point. It's cool if he likes Live but the MP in Red Dead is a glitchy mess no matter what service you use.

You guys are high strung man. Chill out and go play some RDR.

seriously some of you guys act like these consoles are your old lady. Grow up.

evilmonkey5012980d ago

I agree that rockstar's online offerings aren't exactly "this gen", however, the ONLY thing xbox can lord over the ps3 is its superior online integration. For some people, this is more important than other features or graphics. I wish I had a similar online system for my ps3, to be honest.I find the ps3's "in game" system cumbersome and slow to respond. I can see the devs preference, as it is common.Its just plain easier to work with, however, nothing great comes from taking the easy road, and ps3 exclusives are a great example of that.

Traveler2980d ago

Everybody is entitled to their opinions. I myself like both consoles for different reasons. The 360 is great for multiplatform games, has an excellent online service and some awesome exclusives. The PS3 has some amazing exclusives, lots of cool multimedia features and a great, free online service. I'm happy I own them both.

Rainstorm812979d ago

I couldntve said it better myself

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BeaArthur2980d ago

Agreed, very deceptive title. Journalism at its finest.

There are pluses and minuses for both services, move on.

k-Lan2980d ago

Sure. Please explain the pluses with the PSN compared to Live. I'm very curious.

Deceptive titles = More hits. As a member of N4G, i would think you would know that by now. Do you know how business works?

PimpHandHappy2980d ago

are you that stupid? explain the good in PSN!!!
IT HAS HUGE online games with dedicated servers

can you explain why XBL is better with leaving out cross game chat?

k-Lan2980d ago Show
Danteh2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )


First of all, 50 dollars IS money. I mean the ppl who usually say oh it's nothing are the ones who DON'T pay bills, or else you would know that if you sum it all up and aren't exactly rich, everything counts.

Secondly: now, I DARE you to say why Xbox live is better than PSN.

Lol! you can't, except for cross-voice chat.
Everything else is on par now, not 2006 anymore ^^


frostypants2980d ago

I have both the 360 and PS3, so I am qualified to comment on this.

With Live, other than cross-game chat, it's also a bit easier to party up with friends outside of the game befor jumping in.

That's it, though. Do I like it? Yes. Is it "$50" better? Frankly, no. Everything feels a bit laggier on the 360 online, too...even given the same game.

ingiomar2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )


XNA (make your own games)

XBLA Indie ( Download Games made (with XNA) by other people)

Less Lag

More Content

More Games

Great movie/tv series/indie series library (not counting netflix)

Better organizing party's

Twitter/Facebook integrated

Sky TV (UK only i think)


Uhmmm... i think thats it...

you can now start hitting ''Disagree''

PimpHandHappy2980d ago

im guessing you judge a lot of things without knowledge of it first..

I pay my own bills... I own a home.. I own a cool car.. I own a Harley.. I have a girlfriend.. I also have kids.

Now i said list what makes XBL better and you didn't. When i say HUGE games im talking more then 16ppl on one map... yes XBL has FrontLine Fuel of War but how is that working for ya?

also K-Lan... i agree 50 a year is not big money.. i know if my internet bill went up by 5 bucks a month i would ask why...

UnwanteDreamz2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Instead of hitting disagree I'll just explain.


XNA (make your own games) - didn't pay for a console to play home made games on it but thats cool

XBLA Indie ( Download Games made (with XNA) by other people)

Less Lag - outright lie

More Content - if you count adds as content

More Games = only if you are interested in old games from 3 years ago

Let me stop you here almost everything you list after this can be found on the PS3 using a browser. Twitter? Really I get that on my cell phone and my PS3. I watch free DVD rips all the time on my PS3 free of charge. Did you know PS3's play movie files dl directly off the internet? Guess not if you had a PS3 you could go here for that stuff and not have to pay

Great movie/tv series/indie series library (not counting netflix)

Better organizing party's - I'll give you this although I never have an issue playing online with friends on PSN

Twitter/Facebook integrated - lol

Sky TV (UK only i think) - you in UK?

Last.Fm - I have a psp hooked to my surround sound for Last Fm. and it is free

Uhmmm... i think thats it...

you can now start hitting ''Disagree''

EVILDEAD3602980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Which is better, PS3 or Xbox 360, he said:
“I myself prefer the Xbox because of Xbox Live,” lazlow said, “but I own both and I’m not going to get sucked into the console wars.”

He was asked a question..he gave his's only 'deceptive' because of the usual hate the 360 gets from he would have said PS3 for graphics then 10 articles would have popped up talking about it

Xbox live is the strongest feature of the 360..20 Million people subcribe to it and no matter what the haters believe..they make actually prefer it

I own both systems too..if the game is a multi-plat and it has multi-player that takes advantage of Live (ie. Lost Planet 2, Call of Duty, Red Dead) then it's always going to be a 360 purchase.

PS3 has ruled the single player adventure game experience

360 has ruled the online multi-player experience with Live

May not be your opinion..but it is the opinion of this member of the Red Dead team

ingiomar2980d ago

@ Unwantedreamz

sorry i tought we where talking about Xbox live and PSN here..not about PSP/ps3 and free DVD ripping.

You just go watch your ripped dvd's , go play with your psp or something ok?

Leave your fanboy comments somewhere else

Rainstorm812979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

"if he would have said PS3 for graphics then 10 articles would have popped up talking about it"

I agree just like the 10 articles about RDR graphical compairisons riiight? It works both ways but when you guys act like victims.......your fanboy colors shine brighter than ever.

oh as for last FM (which i love on my 360)........Pandoras radio on ps3 has the same functionality....its just not ps3 for XNA if you dont know any programming id love to see you make a game on it. For the avg. joe thats what LBP2 is for and even then it wont be easy because making fully functional games isnt easy, the best xna title is clearly the dishwasher nothing else comes close.

But to act like PSN has no pluses is insanity, both have ups and downs, and yes psn and xbl lags ocassionally, and i have fios.

Edit @unwanted dreams

I have 44 blu ray rips on my 320GB PS3, so understand what youre saying.

EVILDEAD3602979d ago

I agree just like the 10 articles about RDR graphical compairisons riiight? It works both ways but when you guys act like victims.......your fanboy colors shine brighter than ever.

LMAO @ playing a's called pointing out the truth about people pretending the statement was 'deceptive'

Don't even pretend the Red Dead is even close to what happened with Final Fantasy 13 earlier in the your's called Karma..

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Nike2980d ago

It's GamesThirst, so I'm not too surprised.

However, I think just about any site would have done something in the same vein. After the first comparison of the PS3 and 360 versions, it was nigh on inevitable that IGN, Gamespot and more would chime in with their two cents.

Lo and behold, like vultures to a corpse. And GamesThirst is just another site, trying to gain hits from the same controversy.

AAACE52980d ago

I gotta agree, I have yet to have a good experience with a Rockstar game over XBL. I always run into a problem in some form with their games. I think they need to invest in a better online team.

Tony-A2980d ago

He never even had the numbers "360" in his statement...

What I read was that he prefers Xbox because of XBL, but he owns both.

EvilBlackCat2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

He said prefers Xbox Live, but that is not the reason of why i like xbox live.


IS NOT about what others like or you YUP YOU Hellsvacancy like



My opinion about a game is my opinion and my taste Some people like GRAN THEFT AUTO and others like me like Red Dead Redemption. I NEVER LIKED GTA or Saints Row.



Hellsvacancy2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

What? i dont know what your gettin at (dont give a toss either)

My point is the title sais "Red Dead Redemption Dev Prefers Xbox 360" but the 1st sentence of the article goes on to say "I myself prefer the Xbox because of Xbox Live" so if the 360 didnt hav XBL would he still say "I myself prefer the Xbox because of Xbox Live" i think not, the titles very misleading

GET IT!!!!

Double Toasted2980d ago

He said he likes the Xbox because of Live. He didn't say he disliked the xbox, but likes Live.

Overall...he prefers the 360 because that is the only one with Live and can be referred to as the Xbox...

likedamaster2980d ago

Which is better, PS3 or Xbox 360, he said:

“I myself prefer the Xbox because of Xbox Live,” lazlow said, “but I own both and I’m not going to get sucked into the console wars.”

“I think the best thing to do is sell blood until you can afford to buy both! I own a Mac and a PC for the same reason. They’re two different tools that do different things.”

Double Toasted2980d ago

***FACEPALM**** for 95% of the comments!!! Wow, you people are f*cking crazy!!!! Do you hear yourselves???
"He didn't say he like the 360, he said he like LIVE...". I don't like my tv, I just like the Disney channel...smh.

FrankDrebin2980d ago

I am personally a gamer. A real gamer. I don't choose sides in the console war. Why? Because as a gamer I choose to own all systems and enjoy the perks that each system offers.

The 360 is a great console...except that it have reliability issues. Live is excellent with a ton of features not found elsewhere. The games are top notch as well. Multiplatform games are generally better on the 360. A reason alone to own it. The exclusives are incredible as well.

The PS3 is a heck of a system. PSN isn't as advanced but hey, it is free and you can't argue that. There is HOME....while not my type of thing it is there and it is Free! The exclusives are the reason to own the PS3. There are games on the PS3 you will not see on any other system. Generally for the PS3, I skip multiplatform games and get them on the 360 for reasons I stated above.

PC is another great machine if you can afford to own one capable of running the latest and greatest maxed out. Luckily I am. Over the years, PC gaming has gone down hill some but still, there are some great games to be had.

As you see, I am a gamer. Many of you on N4G are just like me. All about the games. Those who involve themselves in the flame-wars are those who have serious misconceptions and/or the inability to purchase all the consoles. It is those that I feel for.

Smokzdaizm2980d ago

I have both a 360 and a PS3 and I personally prefer XBL over PSN to the point the my PS3 isn't even connected to the internet anymore. PSN does not fit my needs period, does that mean XBL is better than PSN in my eyes yes, but I can only speak for myself... Geez you guys act as if you don't care for PSN than something is wrong, and you geez must have some pretty screwed up connections because I never experience lag on XBL, but I do have downloads that take forever on PSN so that's subjective.

AngryTypingGuy2980d ago

He said he prefers Xbox because of Live, not just Xbox Live itself. Just to clarify.

littletad2980d ago

I didn't realize xbox live and xbox 360 were completely different...

Old Greg2980d ago

because of XBL. But he has both. So Stop whining. Im sure alot of people think poorly of him b/c he refuses to be a "fanboy". lol.

Steffl3r2980d ago

People can have diffrent opinions than you. In fact after reading this comment most people (other than the ps3 hive that spawned inside the depths of N4G) probably would thing this comment was ignorent and has no credibilllity

Imperator2980d ago

As long as they make both version a solid gaming experience, I don't mind what he likes in his personal time.

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movements2980d ago

Um, I think he said he prefers Xbox 360 because of Xbox Live. Same difference.

I like them all the same : )

LtSkittles2980d ago

No, it's not. Xbox 360 is a video game console, and Xbox live is a service offered by Microsoft. Also, Gamesthirst is known for taking what someone said, and blowing it out of proportion.

mookins2980d ago

No it's not.

That title reeks of flamebait.

mookins2980d ago

Has nothing to do with being sensitive. The title should have said XBox Live, not XBox 360. If you're going to report a story, then use a decent headline. But I guess that's too hard for some people here.

Carry on.

Steffl3r2980d ago

Somebody ca nshoot their mouth on the internet everybody head for the hills. But hey while I enjoiy its superior graphics on the 360 you enjoy your crap online and bad graphics

FinalomegaS2980d ago

I like skype better than both ( sound quality :)

DigitalAnalog2980d ago

Even scraping the bottom of the barrel is more justified than this garbage.

-End statement

OmarJA-N4G2980d ago

Another developer sharing his opinion, so?