New Halo: Reach screenshots are gloriously cinematic

Gamersmint : If you thought taking part in the Halo: Reach Beta enabled you to see everything that there is show about the game – think again! The recently released new screenshots of the game just reeks of awesomeness and more. Covenants emerging from a dust storm, some cool new explosions and outright MAYHEM! We just can’t stop looking, can you? Let us know below.

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badkolo2830d ago

Bungie needs to work on those jaggies, the beta was a jag fest

pixelsword2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

I'm sure that Bungie will probably have that game spit-shined and ready to go well before the release date.

cyborg2830d ago

They still have time before the final build comes out. Finding out flaws was one of the main reason for holding this beta. They want to make sure that the end-product is one which is the best.

Projekt7tuning2830d ago

Those pics looked good. I wish Bungie the best, and hope when it's done with the game, it looks this good.

cyborg2830d ago

I am sure when the game comes out, it will look better than these screenshots. It is definitely going to be the last game developed by their studio and I am pretty sure they want to put their best foot forward. They would try and please all the Halo Fans who have supported them all these past years and give them a fitting final game from their studios before they bid goodbye. I am pretty sure even if this might go on to become the best game in the Halo Franchise, it will certainly be Bungie's best effort to do so. A part of feels that it is going to be enjoyed and remembered by fans for a long time to come. I just hope Bungie continues to extend their support to Reach even after it's release, now that they are no longer part of M$. Oh wait...