Fable 3 - Limited Edition Detailed & Pictured writes "Are we on Fable 3 already? Considering its a game where you play an entire life of a character we hit the difficult 3 stage pretty quick. Anyhow a letter delivered by a pterodactyl of doom dropped onto my mountaintop hideaway this morning announcing what to expect from the limited edition. Read on for the juicy morsels..."

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dardinkay3103d ago

*adds to amazon shopping cart*, well that settles it :D

AAACE53103d ago

I'm done with Fable games. I have tried both of them and for some reason, I just can't get into them that much. I don't know what it is. I know they are good games, but for some reason, I just get bored with them.

I guess it's true that no matter how good a game is, it just might not be for some gamers!

For those of you who are into Fable, enjoy the next game!

Dread3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

sorry u dont like the game. I comepletely understand. there are just some games u just dont like of cant get into. For me i never got used to the controllers in KillZone 2, it had great graphics but i found the gameplay seriously lacking.

I personally loved Fable 1 and 2, they had great sense of humor and great fantasy worlds to explore. The action was lots of fun as well.

This edition is a must buy.
lots of in-game extras...great stuff!

i just hope they dont gimp the limited edition like they did with part two. Remember that it was going to have a figurine and some other stuff and they took it out like a month before release.

crapgamer3103d ago

Wow! It's looking great! I cant wait! Fable is currently my 2nd favorite RPG series behind Mass Effect. I loved the first two and this one looks amazing as well! The Project Natal bits I'm looking forward to as well!

AliTheBrit193103d ago

Damn you! making me buy a more expensive game :(

Anyone else notice the similarities to the Fallout: New Vegas kit?

Both have a material based cool sleeve

Both have a Coin/Chip

Both have a deck of cards portraying all characters in game

Both games are Western RPG in genre

...Just a musing lol

Dread3103d ago

very good trolling my friend

you could not resist.

so then i'll have to remind you that u cant play it on any other console. And no i dont think a computer is the same as a console.

malky boy3103d ago

loved the 2nd fable never played the first one cant wait untill the 3rd one

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