Sony's Dyer: The PSP Has Problems, We're Fixing Them

As part of a new Gamasutra feature interview, The Sony Situation: SCEA's Rob Dyer Speaks, Sony's senior vice president of publisher relations for North America candidly admits the problems the PSP platfrom faces.

While it still sells extremely well in Japan on a weekly basis, sales in the U.S. have fallen dramatically. More troubling is that software for system almost never shows up anywhere near the top of the charts. The last PSP release to enjoy a top 10 placement on the U.S. NPD Group chart was August 2009's Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Our analysis suggests that DS games currently outsell PSP titles 8 to 1.

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f7897902863d ago

Just give us the PSP2 before the Nintendo creates the DS2 and all will be good. And don't you dare not include a physical media format for the games.