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Squall50052980d ago

The above link does not confirm the game coming to PC. Only telling people to 'stay tuned'

dardinkay2980d ago

That guy is probably mad because his story didn't get that much heat.

NeutralGamer2979d ago

I know you were joking, but I cant stop thinking on this one:

This is an old brochure from Sony promoting Vaio FX... Notice on page 2 on the top its says:

"Sony recommends Windows Vista Home Premium"

Also the new Vaio brochures says:

"Windows. Life without walls. Vaio recommends Windows 7"

See the atached image :D One I took from a Vaio brochure.

This shows all the ridicoulus fanboys how Sony and Microsoft only care for business... Fanboy war is a hilarious thing...

Imperator2979d ago

Wow, Fable III is one of the biggest games for the 360. It'd be kinda bad if it went multiplat.

XactGamer2979d ago

I wouldn't really call Fable 3 a true multiplat game because it's still 360 and Games 4 Windows and MS gets 100% from both. I could understand if it was on PC no G4W and sold over Steam but it's not.

pangitkqb2979d ago

Totally going w/the PC version :)

Darkstorn2979d ago

Still hoping for Fable 2 on PC...

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Charmers2980d ago

Wow I can't believe how underwhelmed I am that fable 3 is coming to the PC. About the only thing this news brings to the table for me is that it might signal a new stance from Microsoft about not screwing the PC over.

Letros2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Haha, you gotta think something is up their sleeves, this is very unlike Microsoft, but I think it might be a great way to get PC users to own Natal, instead of just plopping it out on the store shelves with nothing cool to do with it besides use windows.

Maybe a new DRM technique, facial recognition uplinked to a database, I jest.

Dr-ZOOM2979d ago

Yeah I think you're right.

Natal for Pc and xbox.

dardinkay2980d ago

Time to bring out the PC for another good reason :D

AliTheBrit192980d ago

Cool, I shall still be picking the Xbox 360 version though.

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The story is too old to be commented.