Five Things We Learned from the Halo: Reach Beta

Terminal Gamer's Tom Hoeler explores the Halo: Reach beta and dissects the good, the great, and the stunning aspects of the multiplayer portion of the game.

"The epic adventure that was the Halo: Reach beta has come and passed, complete with unlocked modes along the way, and an extra day of gaming. It was blissful to return to a world of plasma-scarred landscapes and the beeping of replenishing shields. A world that felt oh-so-familiar, but strange and new at the same time. Though I probably could have put together a list of 10 or 15 important things to note, for sanity’s sake we’ll stick to five."

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VTGamer112831d ago

Great article! I remember playing Tribes back in the day and I agree that the best form of flattery is imitation. Halo may not always be original in its ideas, but the team at Bungie is almost always perfect in their execution and implementation of the ideas.

Can't wait for the full game!