Is the Japanese Gaming Industry Really Doomed or is it Just Capcom?

Capcom is predicting doom and gloom again for the Japanese gaming industry. Last September Keiji Inafune spoke to a crowd at the Tokyo Game Show expressing his opinion about the future of the Japanese gaming industry. “Personally when I looked around [at] all the different games at the TGS floor, I said ‘Man, Japan is over. We’re done. Our game industry is finished.’”

Six months later, Resident Evil producer Jun Takeuchi made similar comments. Speaking briefly to Xbox World 360, Jun Takeuchi stated “If the Japanese games industry doesn’t evolve and simply maintains its current status quo, I really don’t think we have a hope in hell,” said Takeuchi. “Drastically innovative ideas are needed – and quickly – to equal or exceed the Western games industry.”

I find it a bit ironic that Capcom is calling for the Japanese gaming industry to “evolve”and “innovate” when Capcom themselves haven’t practiced what they’re preaching yet.

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NYC_Gamer2955d ago

the whole japanese market need more creative devs....because western devs have raised up the bar this gen

Rock Bottom2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I don't know about that, so far the only creative none Japanese games I've seen this gen are LBP and HR. People are making this bigger than it actually is, Demon Soul, Bayonetta, MGS, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Street Fighter IV, Monster Hunter and Valkyria Chronicles are some of the best games this gen, and they're all Japanese, not to mention the two coming games I'm excited about the most are GT5 and The Last Gardian, both Japanese.

It makes sense for Capcom to bash the Japanese game industry because most of their games are targeted toward western audience.

Also, in what exactly did western devs raised the bar? In shooters and "western" RPGs? Since when did Japan started to care about those type of games?

TheHater2955d ago

Capcom has lead the charge by westernizing their games base on the success of titles like Halo 3 and Cod4. Not only that, but Japanese Developers/Publishers are back a console that isn't selling well in Japan and the audience isn't for their games.

TotalPS3Fanboy2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

The Japanese Gaming Industry is not doom.
It's just Square Enix.

Capcom have actually been doing great with games like SSFIV and Resident Evil 5.

rockleex2955d ago

The DS, PSP, and the Wii.

Or at least start moving their blockbuster games away from those consoles and towards the HD consoles.

THAT is the reason why they're behind. They're choosing the easy way out.

Look at GT5 and The Last Guardian. Always pushing the bar, and very innovative.

If you're not willing to go that route, then shut up and stop complaining Capcom.

Reibooi2955d ago

The main problem here is that more and more Japanese devs think it's necessary to westernize their games and 90% percent of the time it doesn't work and just turns off people who would have liked their game.

A good example. I would have liked to play Nier had it not had the roided out gears of war type character but because SE thinks that's what Americans like that's what we got. It's a misconception. Not everyone in the US likes that stuff.

People love Japanese games because they are just that Japanese games. We can't play a Japanese game from a Western dev and most of the games western devs make are the same old thing(with a few exceptions here and there) while Japanese games are incredibly creative and innovative. The west would have NEVER thought of something like Okami or Katamari or Rez or even more traditional games like Valkyria and Folksoul(both of which were beautiful masterpieces in my opinion).

AAACE52955d ago

I don't think the Japanese gaming industry is doomed, I think it is just going in a different direction.

It seems the japanese are more focused on more handheld experiences. Also, it's no secret that they like for things to be smaller which is why the Wii is doing so well.

Judging from the Ps3 and Xbox 360 perspective, japan is lagging bad! But it you look at the Wii, DS and Psp markets, you will see that they are doing pretty well.

It almost seems as if japan doesn't care about graphics as much as we do (America, Euro, etc.) and that they just want to play fun games. Nintendo pretty much dominates their top sales every month, so this must be true!

ChickeyCantor2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Its actually because japanese developers want to produce all kinds of western stuff.

Thats whats going wrong.

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gano2955d ago

Maybe if they stop taking that M$ money, and trying to westernize all their games then they'll be fine.
Don't let them sucker you japan. Hell americans is still payin 60 for a DVD. I thought ps2 was still using dvd and there cheaper.

foxxy2955d ago

So true the xtards are paying 60$ for a DVD and dlc im Greek this is what we say to stupid people para pentve na malaka.

chidori6662955d ago

for sure crapcom.

Japan is still Nr.1 when coming to games.

Biggest market share by fare.

RageAgainstTheMShine2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Spin -a- Win!

Capcom stop trying hard to be Western, its just not them.

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