MS and Sony Should Handle Franchises Like Nintendo

Craig Hasselback writes: "Both Sony and Microsoft could learn a little something from Nintendo and how they handle their major franchises and mascots. Microsoft has milked the Halo franchise to the point that the original developer can’t stand the idea of making another one. Sony on the other hand has pushed the God of War franchise a bit too much (six releases, with a seventh coming in Ghost of Sparta in under five years), but hasn’t sacrificed quality for quantity as fans of the series and critics alike both rave about each entry. But the master of making a franchise last has to be Nintendo."

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GunShotEddy2801d ago

Agree 100 percent. So tired of Halo.

booni32801d ago

Why yes, yes they could.

MasFlowKiller2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

7 different God of Wars?

and here i thought Ive played every single one.

God Of War chains of Olympus
God Of War 1
God Of War 2
God Of War 3

My Math must be wrong

I like Mario, here is a game that doesn't make you think about the story. Its very ignorant to compare the way Nintendo Releases Mario than the way Microsoft Releases Halo or Sony Releases God Of War. Halo and God of War are games that Live and breath by their stories, Mario is not. A Mario game never has to worry about the stories making sense.
When you have a franchise you have to make sure that each iteration not only follows the story you are trying to tell but entices enough people justify the cost of such a production, am not saying Mario games don't cost money to make its just that games like Halo and God of War have more cost associated with them.

charlescox42801d ago

I guess your math does suck as one of the comments checks out. 7 releases in 5 years...
#1 God of War
#2 God of War II
#3 God of War: Betrayal
#4 God of War: Chains of Olympus
#5 God of War Collection
#6 God of War III
#7 God of War: Ghost of Sparta
Thanks to the comment on the story for the game titles. It's alright. I'm sure you just thought you were right.

RageAgainstTheMShine2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

I must say he did a fresh article here some thing overlooked by many gaming geniuses that only talk about installed -bases and sub-HD graphics.

Speaking of Sony franchises man, did you forget a little game called .... Man Furismo Jive. I think Sony handled it with utmost care just like Nintendo handled Mario.

The thing about Mario and most Nintendo franchises' commercial success is that this games are for younger gaming market - a market that stays fresh, new and ever expanding every passing year. This is the main reason their franchises sell very very well.

I can go on with many elaboration to support this stuff but I bet you understand what I am saying.

Also you should point out that Nintendo relies on its own well crafted first party exclusive evergreen games/franchises that kept them alive through years of PlayStation domination. That is a remarkable feat.

They invested heavily on their own IPs and took very good care of them instead of just being money driven & lazy, relying on 3rd party developers to do the work for them.

The Wii is a testament to this as their own IPs are enough to print money for them. With AAA exclusives like Uncharted, God of War and Man Furismo series Sony does the same thing Nintendo did in the N64 and Gamecube years and it pays off.

One gripe I have with my PS3 today is the lack of AAA exclusive games for the kids. Don't tell me the PS3 is not built for younger gamers because I will ask you what LBP, Lego games, Sonic, Ratchet & Clank, etc are doing on PS3!
I believe this is the reason many parents were skeptical on buying the PS3.

If PS3 'Only Does Everything' you are right! It should do everything Nintendo does to its games - make more quality games for the young and young-at-heart.

The kids are playing Rocket Knight to death!

It was a breath of fresh air on our PS3 at least for them.


Oh that EyePet thing I think it as SCARY as hell! It scare the living hell out of me! Leave the mascot design to the Japanese they are the expert on these types of games.

BrianC62342801d ago

Charlescox4 - Sony didn't really release seven GOW games. They released three. They released an update for the PS3 that was the first two with improved graphics but the games are the same. There's one game for phones and the PSP game. And GOW 3. The trilogy was always planned to be a trilogy. I don't know why they did a game for phones but that isn't even for the same market so it doesn't even count. The PSP game is a portable game. How many games does Nintendo release over and over again of all their frnachises? Way too many. They're the king of franchise milkers.

badz1492801d ago

one with heavily story driven game and another one is a freak which came out in all types of games with no sense of story or what so ever! yeah...that make sense! /s

seinfan2800d ago

EL OH EL yeah, MS and Sony should release 200+ games and spin-offs of one damn franchise. Nintendo brainwashes, they have to. Same BS every game. No innovation for over a decade.

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Parapraxis2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Please NO.
Too many franchises today are already milked to death.
Halo, Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Mario, etc. yes, Mario, the Mario games are endless. To think they are "making it last" or making better use of Mario and all the spinn-offs is absurd.
Mario's man boobs are sore from all the milking.

IrishAssa2801d ago

Sorry but how has Halo been milked to death? 1,2,3,ODST and now Reach.
Wars doesn't count it's not the same game, was made buy a differant studio but I agree that they used the name just for sales.

When was Halo 1 out? then 2 ,then 3 years later halo 3 then an expansion . And now years after the release of 3 , Reach is coming out.

AAACE52801d ago

Microsoft and Sony will never be able to do what Nintendo does, primarily because they deal with a different audience than Nintendo does!

Nintendo gamers are more concerned with a fun experience, while us (MS and Sony fans) are more concerned with getting the total package in graphics, gameplay, etc.

The downside for us is that our games cost alot to make primarily because of the consoles we have and the amount of work it takes to get to what gamers expect. This leads to alot riding on just a few franchises.

Sony is more willing to take a gamble because some of their old franchises have died off so they are trying to get new IP to replace those so the experience on Ps3 will be similar to that of the Ps2.

MS are still trying to earn respect in this industry, but are more concerned with getting more well known franchises on their console in an effort to make sure the competition doesn't have those as reasons for gamers to choose one console over the other. MS aren't too sure what kind of new games to invest in, so they do what they do best and focus more on software applications for the xbox 360.

One thing I hate is it seems like the industry is leaning toward shooters more than anything. We need more adventure experiences. This is where Nintendo has the edge. They have Zelda, mario and a few other different genre types. Sony has God of War and a couple others. MS has almost nothing in this area.

Nintendo makes fun games that everyone can play. Sony has games but most are targeted at mature aaudiences. It almost feels like you need to have all 3 consoles in order to have a complete experience.

badz1492801d ago

like put Mario in every game they release? put no emphasis on stories? one day he's a plumber, another day a kart racer, a brawler, now an astronaut? no thanks! playing Mario after Mario without the sense of story telling and attachment to the previous games, is the reason I'm not a fan! praise Mario all you guys like but I hate him!

N4g_null2801d ago

I have some questions.

We play games right?

Does checkers have a story, is it milked? What about chess? Does sports really have a story? It's always the same. Now let's go back to video games.

What nintendo has done is not rely on the gimicks of cool. They always rely on game play. On top of this most devs they fun is easy to be. Fun is in the challenge and finally winning.

Mario games and nintendo games always make you think how can I get an edge. The really good one where not always about just following the guide books.

Also milking happens when nothing good or of worth is added.

Mario kart added arcade racing, 64 added 3d game play.

With the other guys you just get forced stories. Maybe because they don't care about game play as much. It's like the industry believe they can creat the gamer they want.
It's really weird but it's almost like they all gave up on hooking people with game play.

Video games do have two componets though visuals and game play. I think next gen we will see the visual side

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NYC_Gamer2801d ago

everyone just loves that short plumber....

vgn242801d ago

I can't lie. It's hard to not like Mario.

vgchica2801d ago

No matter what atform you favor, no one hates Mario or Zelda. Really says something about Nintendo.

TheHater2801d ago

In fact, I hate ever Mario game (Party, Tennis, baseball, basketball, soccer, Golf, pinball, etc) after Mario 64. Nintendo has release over 200 games feature Mario since 1981.

sikbeta2801d ago

I hate Mario, too many games about almost the same crap going on and have to save that freaking Peach! or crap like that really get me tired, Everything is Cool with Link tho... lol

gaffyh2801d ago

I hate Mario, he's been milked to death, with so many games and so many appearances in other games. I like Zelda though, it isn't milked anywhere near as much.

kanetheking2801d ago

hes not change in like 20 years if u look at snake his change though the years.

+ mario has the same story over over over his milked more den any other game

ChickeyCantor2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

" I hate Mario, too many games about almost the same crap going on and have to save that freaking Peach! "

If you actually care for the story with a mario platformer...( not talking about the RPG's) then i think you missed the point.

And mario is just used in other games, but the platformers arent in over 200.

" hes not change in like 20 years if u look at snake his change though the years. "

Really? Snake actually gets old because the story says so.
Its DIE FOX remember? screwing up his normality.
And are we forgetting Baby mario...not that it matters.

And you cant say the game is milked because it has the same story, in fact Mario plat-formers were never about the story. Its just a way of saying get from point a to point b.
Galaxy wasn't even about peach, while she was the one that got kidnapped.
It was about Rosalina...I mean...still no good story to Peach kidnapping.
So you too like the other above you missed the point of a mario platformer.

kanetheking2801d ago

lol she still got kidnapped u can't get around that it's happen for god know how long.plat-formers don't have the best story but they should have something not the samething over and over.

plat like abe oddesy had a great story.

badz1492801d ago

I'll spend my last bubble to say this! I too, hate Mario. TQ

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Cajun Chicken2801d ago

There's only been 4 GoW games to date, 5th when Ghost of Sparta comes out.
Is this article SERIOUSLY counting a HD remake for people to play and catch up with the series as valid games?

Then shouldn't this count Super Mario Allstars as a game? Despite being one of the greatest value game series compilation out there?

Monkey5212801d ago

I was about to say the same thing.

God of War, God of War II, God of War: Chains of Olympus, God of War III.

Now there is God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Definitely not 7 DIFFERENT games.

xHarvey2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

I still think Sony should milk the hell out of LBP. That game has potential to be a top mascot. Seriously look at the appeal.

Ult iMate2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

They sell costumes for sack boys.
But ofcourse I would prefer more map packs such as MGS. I think it would be great if Naughty Dog or Insomniac make map packs for LBP, since they are good at making platform games.

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