Blizzard's StarCraft Troubles in South Korea

What likely is the final chapter in a conflict between Blizzard Entertainment and the Korean e-Sport Association (KeSPA), Blizzard has censored StarCraft II, and received the desired Age 12 rating according to StarCraft: IncGamers. has delved further into the whole South Korean issue where Blizzard has to fight for their rights of broadcasting their own game being played commercially by others. Even the age rating could have been tampered with from the outside.

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Djorgo2706d ago

Hehe, holy shit. That out things more in perspective.

Djorgo2706d ago

Gnah, can't edit! By "out" I of course mean "show", bad typo :P

Leord2706d ago

Taking a step back always helps. :)

Cogo2706d ago

Those KeSPA guys seem like a friendly bunch :)

Recka2706d ago

That's... wow haha :P

Bandreus2706d ago

Well, the 18+ rating on SC2 was really a bit stretched to being with, clearly an attempt by the networks to gain a somewhat stronger grip on eSport's broadcasts

Leord2706d ago

Underhand actions imho.

UIOP2706d ago

It would be really funny if Blizzard gave them back there own medicine, and opted themselves that SC1 (as it contains gore, smoking, swearing, etc) should be rated 18+ in South Korea..

Then KeSPA's grip over it would become even more worthless ^^

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