Killzone 2 Wins Ivor Novello Award

GOONL!NE writes: Killzone 2 has the first ever video game to be a recipient of a prestigious Ivor Novello award.

The game was nominated for 'Best Original Video Game Score' alongside Empire: Total War and and Savage Moon: Waldgeist. The score was written by Joris de Man who also wrote the music for the first Killzone title.

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deafwing2831d ago

... epic to say the least.

UltraNova2831d ago

Epic Indeed.. I m on my 4th play-through as we speak. This game is awesome everybody should play it.

Blacksand12831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

KILLZONE was a awsome game and i'm glad it still win awards because Killzone 3 is coming and it's going to be mine blowing.

MexicanAppleThief2831d ago

Oh man, I'm frothing at the mouth just by thinking about it. Cell tech has come so far now. Can't wait to see how they incoporate 2048x2048 size textures and 16x MLAA.

Killzone 3 will be made nothing but eyegasms.

inveni02831d ago

Where did you get those numbers? Different games do different things. The Killzone 2 engine may not be able to squeeze all of that in with all of the insane things that are happening at any given time (volumetric smoke, lens effects, hit reactions, etc, etc). But, if they do, I'll have to keep a box of jizzing tissues next to the TV.

sikbeta2831d ago

Totally True Guys, KZ3 Will be Freaking Awesome!

poindat2831d ago

Very nice. Video game scores are often one of the most overlooked, yet absolutely essential elements of any game, especially action-packed games such as Killzone 2. Games are an inherently disconnected experience, something that no amounts of intense battles and gunfire can entirely overcome. What is needed for a truly connected, immersive experience is either a fantastic story or a fantastic soundtrack. And Killzone 2 really did have a fantastic soundtrack. Every time the music starts up, my emotions rise and it turns from a game into something else entirely. And then there's that intro to the game: the excellent voice acting and the more subtle but epic music make the intro really come to life, and I can't help but watch it every time I start the game up.

So yeah, like I said, absolutely essential. And it's nice to see Killzone 2 get recognized for this, as the soundtrack does a first-rate job in both style and purpose.

arakouftaian2831d ago

To get in the mod and then the sond hit
the i just want to have fun.

Killzone 3 will be amazing
to bad the fanboys will hate it so much
i guess someday it will be loved by everybody
i hope KZ3 is loved they won everybody respect with KZ2
they deserve it.

theonlylolking2831d ago

I liked the main menu music the most.

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The story is too old to be commented.