Mining won't be ditched for Mass Effect 3

BioWare's Casey Hudson has said that the controversial mining mini-game from Mass Effect 2 will not be thrown out for the third game in the series.

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Rainstorm813132d ago

Until about the 50th planet and by then it became so redundant that i didnt even care for the raw materials anymore. Forget mining bring baack the Mako just new and improved.

jakethesnake3132d ago

I agree. I didn't mind at first, but then after a while I just got so tired of it. It wouldn't have been so bad if Ezo wasn't so rare. I had butt loads of all the other minerals but could never seem to get enough ezo that I got pretty tired of mining trying to find it.

I think they need to make it more worthwhile and more interesting though. It really suffers from a lack of variation. Mining one planet was the same as mining any other planet.

sid4gamerfreak3132d ago

I didn't like mining at all. tedious and utterly boring aspect of otherwise a great game.

Letros3132d ago

Swtichable DPI mice 4tw, I'd bust that thing up to 4000 dpi and scan the planet in hypermode!

Charmers3132d ago

more like "save game editor 4tw" that way you can bypass the whole sorry excuse for a mini game altogether.

Bluemaster773132d ago

i agree with Raiinstorm after a while the redundancy grew to intolerable levels