VGChartz Most Wanted: May Edition

Welcome to the VGC Most Wanted May edition, ranking VGChartz users most wanted games of the future.
This month saw a big increase in votes overall from 812 last month (which wasn't a particularly slow month) up to 1090 this month, that's 218 participants. The majority of this increase seems to have come from a gathering of X360 voters, which coule be in part due to Alan Wake releasing in May as well as Gears of War 3 announcement, though I am not certain they alone could cause X360 voters to more than double their previous best turnout (and quadruple last months) As such this is a much closer month than usual for the three home consoles, With Wii holding similar figures to last month, and a slight increase in PS3 turnout, the split between the three is about 36% for Wii, 32% for PS3 and 31% for X360 in points.

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WildArmed2951d ago

Alan Wake is no. 2 yet hardly anybody bought it.
Shame on you.

I'm enjoying the game so far.
But hopefully it'll pick up the pace in abit.

turok2951d ago

Go get me my Mario galaxy 2 :D... Why is alan wake there on 2? I may be planning to rebuy myself a 360, but i am certainly not buying it for that game.