Super Mario Galaxy 2 Reviews Are Coming In

With Edge, IGN 1UP,Gametrailers and Gamepro reviews released it is clear that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is once again a clear success. With its predecessor that has sold more than 8.5 million and having a Metacritic rating of 97, it was a terribly hard act to follow. For us Australians the release date is much later than our America friends, with it coming out on July 1st we will have to wait for the phenomenal game to reach our shores. The reviews final lines are below:

Update: Even more reviews have been added including Games Radar and Wired

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eagle212980d ago

Unstoppable. Nintendo is a beast at making Mario games. :)

Sitris2980d ago

I am super excited for this game, sadly Aus doesn't get it till july, annoying as anything. But alas it will be worth the wait.

StanLee2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Guess it's another Game of the Year contender. I hope Mass Effect 2 and God of War 3 aren't forgotten when the end of the year awards are handed out. Red Dead Redemption and Super Mario Galaxy 2 seem to be the sexy picks right now.

Sitris2980d ago

who else makes mario

Not_A_Fanboy2980d ago

Theres the link, all the games are there with developers and what not.

tinybigman2980d ago

Always gets high scores so I'm not surprised by these.

I can't get excited by the scores because I know what to expect; great gameplay that's always there and also will be. I'm excited to play it though.

Redempteur2980d ago


Seferoth752980d ago

Games going to be good but I have to LOL at all the fanboys who want it compared to PS3 games. If they gave PS3 games5 for graphics though because of Crysis, those same fanboys would be crying foul.

Games have always been reviewed based on the system they are on. It will always be that way. Funny how this gen so many Sony fans want everything changed.

The PS2 last gen wasnt given poor review scores because it was inferior to the GC or xbox. So why would we do it to the Wii this gen?

Think about how poor PS3 games would be rated if the graphics were compared to the PC and the controls were rated against the Wii remote. Uncharted would be a 6-7 game. I wonder how they'd feel about it then.

zenosaga042980d ago

I see the point you're trying to make, but you're comparing apples and oranges.

If Uncharted 2 was a PC game, it still would have gotten near perfect scores. Just look at Mass Effect 2, it came out on the PC as well and even on a high end machine the graphics are on the same level as a top tier PS3 title, like Uncharted 2 or Killzone 2.

Most Wii games don't even make proper use of motion controls, so it would be stupid to grade a Playstation game down in controls for something that most Wii games don't even get right. Even in the Mario Galaxy series, the standard controller is a viable alternative to the systems motion controls.

And Reviewers criticize games like Little Big Planet and Modnation Racers for not controlling like Mario and Mario Kart, so why shouldn't Mario be criticized for not looking as good as Little Big Planet?

I'm not saying that Galaxy 2 doesn't deserve those review scores, but it's pretty obvious that had the game been a Playstation exclusive it definitely would not have received a perfect score in graphics.

asdr3wsfas2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

ME2 is not a graphically focused title. It looks very nice but RPGs are so large that you typically don't have the time and money to max graphics on a huge world. Look at Dragon Age - an amazing RPG with worse graphics because there's just so much there. If it all looked like UC2 in Dragon Age or Mass Effect it would take many extra years to make.

Fallout 2 has one of the biggest worlds and most responsive moral choices because it's isometric with few cinematics to distract from creating a living countryside. Story and scope detract from graphics. It does so even more when you have to pay Seth Green and Martin Sheen to voice characters and write a long script with many possible resolutions.

ME2 is not a top tier PC game for graphics. Top tier PC graphics would be Crysis. Uncharted would be crushed here. There are others too. Here's a thread with comparison screens (stalker and other games look incredible on a nice rig). Half of what makes UC2 so nice looking is art style and level design, not pure graphics.

Even if we compared ME2, it is rendered in higher than native HD if you have the gpu/cpu/ram for it. UC2 isn't even rendered in 1080p natively. On top of that PC games have about 8x antialiasing and 16x AF. UC2 has beautiful textures but tons of jaggies compared to most PC games running on a nice rig.

Most wii games are docked heavily for not properly implementing motion controls. Even ones that get it right (COD Reflex) have inept reviewers complain without looking at the options setting.

He admitted that Mario would not get a perfect 10 for graphics on PS3. The game is reviewed for the system it's on and that was actually his point. This also ignores art style. Who wasn't blown away at the planets and scope in Mario Galaxy? That contributes to a graphics score and in the case of this game helps considerably. Like UC2, the game looks better because the art style make the world rich and intricate.

Saying it doesn't control like Mario is shorthand for saying the controls aren't dialed in.

UC2 would have suffered on PC in reviews, even if it would have had great scores. That's his point.

zenosaga042978d ago

Well I guess we'll have to agree to disagree oobob

tomisnever2980d ago

It's games like this that make me wish i had a Wii. For the younger gamers out there I'm sure this will be their Mario 64 when there older. They'll be playing COD 56 and loving it, but when someone asks their favorite game of all time they'll say Super Mario Galaxy. And i wish i was able to experience that - but I'm not buying a Wii because Mario and Zelda are the only games i give a shit about. (But I'm secretly thinking it's almost worth it)

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