Rumor: Home Open Beta July 20, 2007?

According to the PlayStation Portable menu in home under News:

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rosko4864145d ago

Is going to finally become usefull????????

Blankman4145d ago

well i really really wanna get into the home beta.

facundo4145d ago

Sony seems to be building a huge momentum and it doesn't look like it's slowing down. I mean, they did everything that was asked of them at E3, drop the price, show that Killzone is awesome, show more games. More and more games seems to be coming out, and hopefully Home will be up and running soon. It's funny how Sony was the whipping boy for bad press, now they seem to be doing all the right things. I'm happy with my PS3, just had to be a little patient, but it looks like its paying off. Home should be pretty fun and creative.

BBsin4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

uh oh! i predict disagrees on every post coming up!

EDIT: 2 mintues later: aha, saw that one coming. told ya

ErcsYou4145d ago

a beta would be nice.... but only fun if all my psn friends have it too ....a clan room is going to be tight...
we need this sony, hook it up

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The story is too old to be commented.