1UP: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

1UP writes: "Nintendo shows that "more of the same" doesn't have to be a bad thing"

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Brian52472708d ago

This week is the perfect storm of videogames.

Rainstorm812708d ago

No matter what console you own you will be getting something high quality.

sorry PC.......

maxxb1172700d ago

Don't cry like a baby, play the game, beat if if you have to, then tell us what you think.

dizzleK2708d ago

i'll remember that next time you review a 360 or ps3 exclusive, 1up. lets see if "more of the same" is ok with you guys then.

eagle212708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Some of you can save the crying for some other game franchise. You can't win against Mario. We can compare games in the same genres all day but when it comes to other game is like it on the market. Stop lying to yourself. :)

eagle212708d ago

Name another game outside of Galaxy that's even sort of like it. EEeeeehn, wrong :)

despair2708d ago

ratchet and clank started as a platformer standard but evolved to a hybrid platformer, R&C has been doing Gravity and mini planets since PS2 days. Before Galaxy.

MajestieBeast2708d ago

If it was any other game it would get slammed for being the same but mario gets a free pass again when gow3 does it, suddenly its bad but when mario does it omg so good the same old formula for 20years. Reviewers need to lose the nostalgia goggle's.

Rainstorm812708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

what can they say? It makes them feel like 1997 all over again.

SMG games are great for the Wii, but when reviews are done these games aren't compared to the rest of the competition in gaming for sure.

juniordee2708d ago

How is this the same old formula? It's the same formula as galaxy, but not from 20 years ago that's for sure. Even though it's still Mario, they keep innovating and somehow manage to keep the franchise successful without giving it a taste of milk (milking the franchise).

MajestieBeast2708d ago

Same core game play as 20 years ago it changed a little overtime.

juniordee2708d ago want a Mario FPS or what?

xaviertooth2708d ago

i only have super mario galaxy, new super mario bros, wii sports and wii play. :p

time to plug-in my wii again. :p

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The story is too old to be commented.