Blur punches Mario out

M2G Writes:

The TV ad for Blur has appeared and to say it is awesome would be an understatement.

In quite an obvious dig at Mario Kart, one of the characters leaves his cartoon race to watch the action, commenting how “awesome” it is.

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dr_chicago2985d ago

Too bad Blur lacks any good control or diversity. I mean, really, you're going to claim you're better than Mario Kart? Try again, guys.

Montrealien2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

you are wrong Dr_chicago.

try playing the full game before making lame ass remarks like that. Blur is a great game and a nice mix of PGR and Mario Kart, that can`t be wrong. And Mario kart does not have 20 karts on the track. This commercial is exactly how they should be marketing this, it is a great commercial.

I have the full version of blur and I assure you, it is a very very solid arcade racer, if you can;t see that, you just don;t got an eye for good games. If you don;t like it though, I fully respect that, we are all snowflakes.

earbus2985d ago

I like blur it smashes all carting games and its better than split second , mod nation day one for me beta was a blast with friends in a party.