PSP Getting Half-Pint Kevin Butler As Spokesperson

Sony is about to ramp up PSP promotion with a new series of TV commercials and Kevin Butler-like spokesperson. We said Kevin Butler “like” because Sony isn’t using the fictional PlayStation 3 figurehead for PSP ads. Deutsch LA, the company behind the Kevin Butler campaign, invented a new character, 12-year-old PSP Fanboy Marcus Rivers.

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Cajun Chicken2859d ago

Hmm, but it should just be Kevin Butler. A twelve year old persuading me to get games could get annoying.

N4GAddict2859d ago

I hope the new guy is half as funny as KB

Christopher2858d ago

Anyone got a link to the commercial they're talking about?

sinncross2859d ago

I'm sure we can all agree: about time :)

Though I don't think a 12 year old kid is the way to go: going to be weird getting a young kid promoting the more higher age restricted games you know, but as long as they're funny: I'm in.

Cajun Chicken2859d ago

I can see a distinct problem with advertising GoW: Ghost of Sparta. Maybe Kevin Butler should stroll in and steal his PSP with a witty phrase.

xabmol2858d ago

I would lol for days!

Kors2859d ago

I am excited. Hopefully this makes PSP "cooler" to the Teen crowd.

K-man002859d ago

To not bring KB. The PSP needs its own ad campaign and its own character which works great for PSP demographic.

YourFlyness2859d ago

Yea they should have went with an "ageless" teenager, But I see they are attacking the DS crowd. It better than the non-existing advertising PSP is getting now though

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The story is too old to be commented.