Top 5 Games Wii Want to See On PlayStation Move

There has been a lot of talk since Sony announced the PlayStation Move about how it would work like an HD Wii and what games from the Nintendo platform should be or could be ported over. The Nintendo Wii has seen a variety of solid games since its inclusion but imagine those games with some graphical power behind them. These games found issue selling well on the family oriented Wii but probably could do better on a more hardcore console like the PS3. So stand up, put your body in motion and check out the Top 5 Wii Games we would love to see announced for the PS3 at E3.

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hay2984d ago

No Okami? Bad, bad Playstationlifestyle.

qface642984d ago

seems like with the exception of red steel 2 they only picked games with an M rating

Lucreto2984d ago

Okami was a PS2 title first so they didn't mention is but I would rebuy Okami for the PS3 will the move. It seems perfect for the move controller and the navigator.

sinncross2984d ago

I think MadWorld would need to be a PSN title: even with the HD graphical slant and more mature audience demographic of the PS3, the game won't sell that well.

Red Steel 2 would be cool actually.

As for the three rail shooters: sure. Haven't had enough of them this gen for the PS. Actually, I hope Namco patches Time Crisis 4 with trophy and PS Move support. I think the game would be easier to play without the elaborate setup needed for that new G con.

seinfan2984d ago

How about no games? That way we can move away from this awful motion control phase.

Meryl2984d ago

yes but ps move is not waggle time the proper games like socom 4, the fight lights out will demonstrate this to you, that is why you and lots of other people i know hate the idea of motion control, but ps move you will love with socom 4 and fps games:):)

Meryl2984d ago

wii ports are not the best way to show the move off wait for socom 4, fthe fight:lights out and ape escape they will be soley designed to be used with ps move and not have tacked on control like 99% of wii games

digitaledge2984d ago

Is this proof that PS3 fans can't handle the fact that the Wii does have some REALLY good games available? lol

In all seriousness, these games are best left to the Wii. Madworld (while good) was too short and repetitive, and I don't think that even a PS3 fan would appreciate having to pay full price for a game like that. Three of those games are pretty much just on-rails shooters, and if I remember rightly, PS3 fans mocked them when they were announced or released, so why would they want them on the PS3.

Red Steel 2 would work great on the PS3, but in my opinion, it would be better if Ubisoft re-worked the original as well so that the whole trilogy could be released on PS3 - it just doesn't make sense for me to see a game that is intended as a trilogy appear on another console halfway through.

I own all 3 consoles, and I would much rather that the games that came out for Move were actually different to those that came out on the Wii (where exclusives are concerned anyway).

The Move has a lot more potential due to the addition of the camera, and I think that devs should spend their time exploiting the features that the Move has instead of porting over games that are at least a year old.

digitaledge2984d ago

Wouldn't it be rather refreshing if, instead of people clicking the 'Disagree' button and leaving it at that, people actually commented as to why they disagree with you? lol.

I'd like to know why people disagree with what I've said. I'm not knocking the Move, OR the Wii, I'm just saying that because I already own a Wii, I would think that it would be better if developers gave us something a bit more unique to Sony's system.

Yes, the Move works much like the Wii, but you've got the added advantage of the camera there - why not merge the best bits of the Wii, with the best bits of Natal and give us a game that you CAN'T get on any other system?

We all complain when the Wii gets ports of games that came out on PS360 a year or two after release, so why are we suddenly welcoming the prospect of a situation reversal?

digitaledge2984d ago

Yet more disagrees with the cowards refusing to give a reason to it!! The only conclusion I can draw from that is that they HAVE NO reason, or are unable to enter into an intelligent debate when some very valid points are raised.

s45gr322984d ago

Geez whiz why would I want rail shooters on my PS3. Those wii games are great but to port them over to the PS3 it just further proves how is Sony copying Nintendo's Wii. Now if they ported over Resident Evil Chronicles as an episodic action/adventure game then that will make more sense than a rail shooter. In all honesty the move needs to bring strategy or games like Heavy Rain and it will succeed not with wii ports.

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