CSM: Alan Wake Review

CSM writes: "If David Lynch and J. J. Abrams ever collaborated on a video game, the result would likely resemble ALAN WAKE, a strange single-player adventure about a bestselling author in the middle of a dry spell. To overcome his writer's block, Alan's wife, Alice, brings him to a small north-western town called Bright Falls (think Twin Peaks), but Alice soon disappears without a trace. After awakening from a blackout, Wake discovers he has written a new manuscript depicting the events happening around him, but can't remember what he put down on paper -- until he starts finding sheets strewn throughout the town that fill in some blanks and foreshadow impending danger."

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Inside_out2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I wish people would remind everyone that the game is a TP SHOOTER...People think you spend all your time reading or listening to the story...TONS of gameplay in this.....