CSM: Split/Second Review

CSM writes: "Split/Second is an intense racing title set inside a reality television show. Players work through a "season," which consists of a series of episodes each filled with multiple events that include straightforward races, elimination bouts, and time trials. The key twist is that players use their environment to cause spectacular crashes. Once players build up a meter via aggressive driving they can initiate Power Plays which can blow up giant buildings or take out part of a bridge and cause other players to wreck. Outside of season mode players can participate in individual events and battle other drivers online."

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Raptura2802d ago

5/5 for RDR, 5/5 for S/S and 4/5 for Alan Wake HMM

vhero2802d ago

They are terrible reviewers SS is a TERRIBLE game I played the demo its a burnout wannabe that doesn't even try hard enough.