Alan Wake HD Review- reviews the fiendishly good Alan Wake. Out now for Xbox 360.

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Inside_out3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

..On my second play thru now...Some of the best graphics this gen...I have no idea why these guys didn't incorporate some sort of co-op( 4 player campaign ) in this...It would of been alot of fun...Sadly, a game like this will not sell well...I don't think the COD nation will support it...I hope there's a second but who knows...

NerdFury3129d ago

It hiccuped a few times when it came to graphics, but it used certain mechanics fantastically. I was just very impressed with the styles, and the atmosphere they set.

By the sounds of it, it sold well, so I really hope we do get decent sequels and a rich collection of DLC. :)

DigitalAnalog3129d ago

But I had to LAUGH at the title.

-End statement