HawtWired: Virgin Re-entering the Game Market at E3?


"MCV reports that Virgin, one-time publisher of cult favorite games like The Lion King and Cool Spot (my sister's all-time favorite game), is planning an announcement at E3 next month, and they even suspect that Sir Richard Branson himself, seen above in the most offensive photo of him I could find, may be involved with the presentation."

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BlackIceJoe2805d ago

This could be pretty cool if Virgin can work with Disney to remake Aladdin and the Lion King. Both of those games are pretty cool. I wonder what kind of IPs they could make. Because I thought Virgin Interactive sold their game studio to EA.

I hope this is true. Because in the past Virgin has brought out some neat games. So I think it would be cool to see what they can make now.

vhero2805d ago

Probably to do with that cloud network from another article on here.

Double Toasted2804d ago

My favorite out of those games was Cool Spot...

RockmanII72804d ago

wasn't cool spot at 7-up game for the gameboy? I never played it but I remember a commercial for it on one of my old christmas tapes

Double Toasted2804d ago

Yeah, Cool Spot is/was 7up's mascot. The game was available on several platforms actually, but I played it on my Genesis...

scofios2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

Did you know that aladin ( snes ) was a shinji mikami game to me one of the best game developer ( resident evil , dino crisis ....... and soon vanquish ).

waltyftm2804d ago

Snes version sucked !! the sega megadrive version was amazing !!

Cajun Chicken2805d ago

Toonstruck. Do something with that IP, please. Toonstruck HD/Special Edition would be welcome.

PirateThom2804d ago

Wow... someone else who remembers Toonstruck!

Brklynty12804d ago

but its cloud gaming, wony take off, OnLive isnt anything big or worth learning about. just imagine at e3 though, *smash bros announcer voice* New Comer!!! Virgin Box!!!

Robert Patrick2804d ago

virgin console, it could be...

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