Top 5 Most Improved Characters in Super Street Fighter IV

Kyle writes "Super Street Fighter IV adds a lot of new content, such as 10 new characters, but it also balances out the returning cast. Some characters certainly gained more than others. Who improved the most? Read on to see if your character made the list."

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armycore2831d ago

My vote is for Rose. She's doesnt suck nearly the level that she used to.

ShinMaster2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Ken and Chun-Li were perfect in Street Fighter 3. Ryu and Akuma were beast!
But Ryu, Akuma and Sagat have been incredibly dumbed down in SF4, with Ken feeling a bit too overpowered compared to them.

Baka-akaB2831d ago

Ken is hardly overpowered . Ken wasnt really good in sf4 . The alarming rate at wich he popped and was "spammed" online had to do with his ease of use under any kind of lag ... not so much and per se his ability .
Not that many Ken were worth mentioning in tournaments .

Ryu and sagat have been finally balanced , but they are still waya bove ken .
And everyone agree that Akuma will remain a beast , even with his nerfs

GamingBuddha092831d ago

cool article, i personally suck at street fighter, but hey its always good to know this type of information

jonboi242831d ago

guile is seriously a beast. the shortened charge time + fast recovery for sonic booms is beastly.

Kwertie2831d ago

Ken is still garbage compared to Ryu. They need to make his walk speed faster, give him his knee bash back and his crazy kicks.

Call me when he's even slightly as good as he is in HDR. Bear in mind that he's still worse than Ryu in that game too.

Veneno2831d ago

I don't agree with claw or bison improving, if anything bisons new ultra makes him even more predictable. but yes they did make Guile more scrubby , which is why Daigo Umehara is picking him up . yeah i'm a daigo hater and a J Wong fan.

my two mains, abel and el fuerte have gotten huge buffs that have turned them into total nightmares, so i'm proud. it has made it my mission to master different characters, like Adon and Hakan, cause winning with my old mains is just too easy!

Baka-akaB2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

imo picking up rufus and balrog is hardly better than picking up ryu .

Both are awesome players and have proven so many times already .
Hell if people needed a reminder , daigo had no issues picking up characters like Hakan (hell he was the inspirational hakan for many) , guy and gouken , at the super street fighter 4 launch event and kicking derrieres with it .

Bison didnt just get the new ultra , so he's definitively improved . His damages were nerfed , but so was everyone's so in retrospect he is still a damage beast . Now his psycho crusher is worth something , between increased speed , better hitbox , and going through fireballs in EX .

His links and cross ups are even easier ... according to some , to accomodate pad users .

And i dont agree with his new ultra making him more predictable . U1 was mostly about setting the same ol traps . U2 combo of standing mp , and can punish so many things , with a huge cross up ability .

It's no wonder that both american and japanese very early (too early mind you) tiers lists both place Bison very high .

Likewise , Vega's normals and links performing better and faster , make him night and day .

And the overall little bit faster pace of the game seems to benefits a lot thr original sf4 lower tiers .

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