More Final Fantasy XIV scans, screenshots

Squre Enix and Famitsu deliver some new looks at Final Fantasy XIV now, within the pages of Weekly Famitsu and also by way of new screenshots, some of which show updates from the alpha testing.

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Pedobear Rocks2798d ago

I had decided between the two of them to wait for Versus as it seemed more modern to me and more interesting.

Now with the reviews of XIII in the books I'm seriously putting a damper on my expectations for this game.


imoutofthecontest2798d ago

Really? Why are XIII's review putting a damper on expectations for XIV? An MMO like FFXIV is pretty dang different than the CG-laden linearity fest that is XIII. >_>

Ps_alm3k2798d ago

13 was not a final fantasy game.
It was a action roller coaster.