Pachter Is “Hoping” A Single Platform Dev Goes Multiplatform At E3

At E3 there are always surprises, and ever since Microsoft entered the game things have gotten even more intriguing. For the past three E3s or so, the software giant has been nabbing titles that were once exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation platform from all angles and genres.

From GTA 4 to Final Fantasy XIII, Microsoft has made E3 an exciting place again. But what’s left to steal? And will Sony flip the script on Microsoft this time around? We don’t know for sure, but the much respected and lauded Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst, Michael Pachter is “hoping” for fireworks this year. Whether it’s Epic Games or even Insomniac Games, at E3 something big should, and will happen.

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niceguywii602858d ago

LOL "Single platform dev" and the contributor posts a GOW pic. Epic is a multi platform developer.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Epic Games is not even a 1st party developer, UT3 and now Bulletsotorm multiplatform games makes Epic Games 3rd Party developer.

SnuggleBandit2858d ago

Ya its GeOW.

GOW is reserved for God of War thanks.

Chubear2858d ago

Is he talking about Valve? If not, why isn't he? Seems to only have a problem with 3rd party developers that make PS3 exclusives and stay PS3 exclusive for the most part.

I haven't seen him make comments like "Valve have got to be crazy to not bring ALL their games to the PS3"

Narutone662858d ago

talking about Bungie. Bungie signed a 10-year deal with Activision remember?

badz1492858d ago

why does he even care?? so that he can make more obvious predictions? this guy plays nothing but numbers! if he leaves the gaming scene alone, it'll be like christmas!

UltraNova2858d ago

Its probably Insomniac with a new IP. Rachet and Resistance are owned by Sony.

If it comes out true lets see what they can do on the 360 as well, I welcome that. If it turns out good, which probably will (its Insomniac!)then good for them.

ikkokucrisis2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

All I said was that I disagree:

I wish all console games were exclusive. Then we'd have the best of the best to play

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Pedobear Rocks2858d ago

I'm thinking Insomniac with their recent expansion current IP will go but they'll work on something new. I don't mind that move but I do think Ted owes Sony to not be Microsofts b1tch at E3.

Who else could it be really.

cayal2858d ago

Insomniac have dealt with this rumour already....twice.

M337ING2858d ago

Why is Epic mentioned in the article when two-fifths of the games that they have released and will release this generation are multiplatform?

RememberThe3572858d ago

Then I reminded myself that he is a money guy, that's what he gets paid to do(financial forecasting is his job). So that's what he cares about, he doesn't care about developers making the best games they can make only make the most money they can. That's why Insomniac baffles him.

Pedobear Rocks2858d ago

'he is a money guy' he wouldn't be speaking about Insomniac...Insomniac is privately held...there is no money to be made by Patcher or firm off of Insomniac.

RememberThe3572858d ago

He doesn't understand why Insomniac wouldn't go multiplatform because he's a money guy. I'm not saying he only thinks about how he can make money but that he first think money then entertainment.

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