The E3 2010 Primer: Sony

Sony never has been a slouch at E3 presentations, although some would say that their offerings have dwindled in recent years. That being said, the Sony we’ll see at this year’s E3 is going to be nothing like the Sony we’ve seen since “600 U.S. Dollars” and “giant enemy crabs.” Without a doubt, Sony has had its best year in the PlayStation 3’s lifespan, largely in part to the redesigned Slim and the first affordable, and competitive, price in the console’s history. This momentum in sales is also going to translate to more enthusiasm on Sony’s part, and an energetic, and long, press conference.

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Sevir043078d ago

well thought out and written quite eloquently.

Cevapi883078d ago

amazing how easy it can be huh?? no flamebait, no fanboyism, no attacks on other companies...pretty good article and all of the points are reasonable to be seen at E3

sikbeta3078d ago

Oh God, that's Classy, Great Article, I agree with almost everything and I want:

"Kevin Butler, Vice President of Press Conferences"

Mr Logic3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Agree very well written article. Bookmarked the site in hopes of seeing more good reads.

bviperz3077d ago

To actually read an informative article that doesn't incite (fanboy) rage. Good job!

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RememberThe3573078d ago

I want everything on here to come true. If it doesn't I will be severely disappointed!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

The list of games they need to show is about more than 40 Exclusives Games for PS3. I don't know if they will show every game, but I'm sure they will confirm a bunch of other games.

More than 20 Games for Move.

And more than 15 (so far in my knowledge) to play with DS3.

Besides the 3D Technology and massive surprises.

Oh, and there is another thing about Move. Just check this out:

There is a slot, the ''EXT'' Port, probably for an Extension to plug in something, but is nothing to connect the Navegator with that, is something unknown.

Probably a new Hardware or new Controller to connect that will be revealed.

sikbeta3078d ago

PS-Move will "Team-up" with 3D, best games for Move so Far:


Mr Logic3077d ago

Yeah I've been wondering what that port was for, but nobody seems to know and Sony aren't revealing...yet.

Gamerbee3078d ago

Killzone 3
Resistance 3
& Infamous 2.

The rest is just bonus!!

God I love my PS3.

karl3078d ago

will be the most important

but im really looking out for infamous 2 aswell. the only openworld ps3 exclusive...

im tired of reading fanboys telling me how sony makes linear games as a trick to get u2 or gow3 type of graphics... so im expecting infamous 2 to prove them wrong

Britney Spears3078d ago

i doubt kz 3 will be shown because Resistance 3 will be there and i dont think they want 2 fps in the same event.i could be wrong though but kz3 seems like its much further away.

Colonel-Killzone3078d ago

I hope sony e3 goes well. But for the love of god sony no stupid ps2 announcements please. Only interested in the ps3 mainly and also some psp announcements will be good also ^_^

MajestieBeast3078d ago

The only thing regarding ps2 they will announce is that they are killing it off thats my guess.

Colonel-Killzone3078d ago

Oh ok good because I think they should focus on the main powerhouse which is the ps3 lol.

Strange_Evil3078d ago

I gotta gut feeling that PS2's retirement announcement will come around at this E3... Final Hurrah for the PS2 with stats and then send it to a deserving retirement. Maybe introduce PS2 Backward compatibility with PSN premium service?

coolcut1353078d ago

it would be unlikely.. why would they make u pay for something that all the old users already have.
That will just lead to a whole lot of lawsuits and bad press for sony but they should consider a way to convert all the ps2 users into ps3 users. Theres a huge market there.

Britney Spears3078d ago

you don't announced that you are retiring a console,you just do it. unless of course you are going out of business like Dreamcast.

Strange_Evil3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

@coolcult... Yup, but the PSN premium service is coming and Sony has to have some KILLER APP that will pull the people into buying it apart from making online gaming payable..... So I can guess that would be something that people wouldn't mind paying for... I know the bad press will follow, but it's a corporation and as long as people jump ship, they won't care about it.

@Britney... Sorry, but PS2 deserves a mega stage for retirement and will get 1. Dreamcast was killed cause it failed and not cause Sega wanted it to... Sony are themselves willing to retire a console which dominated the market and became the best selling console in history... If that doesn't deserve a mega stage, then nothing does.

Arnon3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

"Sorry, but PS2 deserves a mega stage for retirement and will get 1."

Really? Are you kidding?

"Today, we would like to announce that we're cancelling the Playstation 2 Entertainment System."

Do I clap for this sort of thing? You don't announce that you're cancelling something at an event like E3. That's not exactly beneficial or even economical for that matter. Not to mention the fact that the PS2 was JUST released to certain third world countries.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

I think Sony will announce they will stop supporting PS2 at E3. If you see the site from Sony about E3 there is nothing related about PS2 Software.

And in 2009, 2008 and before that there was always something related with PS2.


Yes, if Sony stop supporting PS2, there is coming a software to play PS2 Games on PS3.

PS2 in the market is the reason of PS3 don't have BC for PS2 Games.

Meryl3077d ago

lol i don't think tha will happen as the ps2 has just been released into 3rd world countries, so maybe it will be ceased in our countries, but not theirs

sikbeta3078d ago

They're not going to kill the PS2, it's a Total Beast and still selling

dizzleK3077d ago

and rightfully so. i got back into it when i realized i was almost totally disappointed in this gen. i currently own about 125 ps2 games, i kept around 20 ps3 games out of all the ones i've bought and played, that says something.

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