Media Create hardware sales (5/10 - 5/16)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales figures from Japan.

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Valay2859d ago

Wow...Those hardware sales are underwhelming. Things aren't looking good for the Japanese market right now.

Darkstorn2859d ago

Very sharp decline in sales. You'd think with Red Dead Redemption out...

Claudinho692859d ago

yea because the wild wild west shooting game is what japan fiends for..

HazzardRiot2859d ago

i agree very much on that one partner

Noctis Aftermath2859d ago

Lackluster numbers all round, the most suprising is the Wii, under 20k wtf?

ClownBelt2859d ago

Wow. Xbox 360 is the only console that went up. Everything's down. Maybe this is a sign? lol

DaTruth2859d ago

There was nowhere left to go!

Noctis Aftermath2859d ago

That one blindsided me, i had a great laugh +bubs.

soxfan20052859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Still kicking though, even in the most hostile anti-360 country.

ATLGAMER2859d ago

Maybe just maybe 360 is not what its cracked up to be...

soxfan20052859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

No, it's just the country. Why else is 360 doing extremely well nearly everywhere else in the world?

Japan is Wii territory anyways. Wii outsells PS3 and 360 COMBINED by a 2-1 margin in Japan. Everywhere else in the world, PS3 plus 360 equals or outsells Wii.

The Japanese love their Wii's.

commodore642859d ago

@ clown
Yeah lol...

The 360 has posted increased sales, while the ps3 has posted decreases.
However, the ps3 still sold 4 times as many consoles...

I guess, if we saw the ps3 decreasing in sales for a few weeks, months, then maybe we could draw some conclusions.

As it stands the ps3 is still riding the crest of the pricut and slim wave.
The next few months will be interesting... will the ps3 momentum continue to fall, like it did this week?

We'll have to wait and see.

Meryl2859d ago

lol it did not go up by much, and it is still selling really bad for a console over there (current gen)

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acere2859d ago

yea a sign..japan looks like a very small market.

SB_tanker2859d ago

PSP go didn't even break a thousand!

RememberThe3572859d ago

And they still wont lower the price. WTH are they doing with that thing?

Nathan Drake22859d ago

in march and april ps3 outsold wii. could happen in may too

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