GameXplain: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

GameXplain writes: "And it didn’t help that quotes from Miyamoto himself hinted that the sequel itself may not be as fully featured as its predecessor. Luckily, after playing the game for two-days straight, I can soundly put those fears to rest: Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a sequel absolutely worthy of the Mario name."

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Dash Reindeer2923d ago

Playing through the game right now, and I 100% agree with your sentiments! It's just magical. Any worries I had about the quality of the game were swept away in the frenzy of awesomeness that took hold as soon as I booted the game up.

eagle212923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I can't wait to play Super Mario Galaxy 2. Galaxy 1 is my favorite game this gen because of that magic you are now saying even the sequel has. I like how you said "as soon as you booted up the game", that is just awesome. :)

Article quote: "Many critics lavish praise on games and films that engender emotions such as sadness or fear, but it’s strange that happiness, the emotion we humans tend to enjoy the most, also seems to be the one referenced the least. Super Mario Galaxy 2 delivers this emottion in spades, offering an experience that often borders on ecstasy. This is the type of game that stands in stark contrast to the dark and “realistic” experiences that are prevalent in gaming today."

"Super Mario Galaxy 2 is magical. An artifact of a bygone era where gameplay was paramount. There are no words that more aptly describe the sheer unadulterated joy felt while venturing through Mario’s latest adventure; it’s simply a stellar experience from start to finish. Mario has once again set the benchmark, and I just hope other developers follow suit."