Final Fantasy XIII Sold It's Soul, Final Fantasy Versus XIII To Do The Same

Ironstar: "Final Fantasy Versus XIII on Xbox 360 is a possibility that hopefully won’t come true; in fact the flaws of recently released Final Fantasy XIII could be indirectly blamed on the Xbox 360. Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada’s recent announcement of Final Fantasy Versus XIII possibly making an appearance on Xbox 360 has angered a ton of fans."

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ShinMaster3049d ago

But also after reading the article, he seems to make some pretty good points.

mikeslemonade3049d ago

It's amazing how people continue to deny the fact that Final Fantasy 13 was gimped by the 360. It's pretty much 1+1=2. How can disagree with that?

ShinMaster3049d ago

It's all on the 3rd paragraph.

Parapraxis3049d ago

Easily, all it takes is the click of a button apparently lol.

darthv723049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

I do have a problem with them not being fine tuned for their respected platforms however.

Come on people. This is not genesis vs super nintendo anymore. That was a generation where differences were noticable. This time not so much.

Lol @ parapraxis...that is funny and true however.

UNCyrus3049d ago

Hey OP...

It's = it is
Its = possessive

Welcome to 3rd grade :)

soxfan20053049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Easy. It's not a fact, it's your opinion.

EDIT - FF13 on PS3 is around 25gb, runs at 720p, with 1080p cut scenes. The 360 version is around 20gb, with lower resolution. The game was downgraded slightly to fit on 360, but that had nothing to do with the PS3 version. SE made the PS3 version, then made it fit on 360. If it was PS3 exclusive, the only difference would have been the release date.

FF13 uses more of the PS3's power than most PS3 exclusives do. SE simply didn't make as good of a game as they did with previous versions.

mikeslemonade3049d ago

I can understand few blind people saying the 360 did not gimp FFXIII, but it's like half/half or the majority that will say it didn't.

Fact is exclusives have higher ratings than multiplatform games. Also Final Fantasy 13 scored lower than 7,8,9,10,11, and 12. Review scores also are way more generous these days because people often give out 10s to please the developer and publisher. Now ever since JRPGs JRPGs have gotten multplatform there's not a single JRPG that has gotten a 9 or above average.

Skip_Bayless3049d ago

Final Fantasy versus 13 becomes shovelware...

Natsu X FairyTail3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

People like you talk like if FFXIII stayed a Sony Exclusive the game wouldnt had sucked. While everybody is aware that the FInal fantasy franchise isnt as good as it was before. Most of the games that came out these past years all have been averate to boring. What are the good final fantasy games on the sony console since Final fatasy 10?

X-2 wasnt really good.
XII wasnt bad but the battle system was meh.
XI is a MMO

all the other Final fantasy games are almost shovelware they keep poppin 3 Final fantasy title each six months.

Dragun6193049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

@ MikesLemonade

Can't really say that FF13 was gimped by the Xbox360 but I think it if you were to take all those resources used to make a 360 port and used it for the PS3 version, the outcome may have been different but ultimately it would been the same linear game but with just some added details and few extras.

ShinMaster3049d ago

READ the article!
Maybe you'll learn something!

DaTruth3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Off topic: I was playing MGS2 today and the dude said that a code can't be cracked by the most powerful parallel processing super computers!

Just thought that was cool.

Sorry, I liked FF13.

CharlesDCI3049d ago


How can you say a 5gb difference is a slight downgrade? That is almost the whole size of a 360 game.

Tomdc3049d ago

Darth is right. I don't really care to much if it goes multi-platform. I will not loose anything of significance game-play wise will I? The only real thing you could claim could be gimped is graphics but final fantasy 13 was undeniably beautiful regardless of your overall impressions of the game.

People have so much hate for square enix which I don't quite understand. Other devs that went multiplat didnt get nearly as hard a time. People still hoping for final fantasy releases similar to 8 or 9 should dream on. The franchise constantly reinvents itself. I am among those that found FF12 to be the best in the series :P

soxfan20053049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

That just proves my point even further. If anything, the 360 version is "gimped", not the PS3 version.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

multiplatform games have to be the same for both platforms and here's where the problems start.

Ambitious games like the FF franchise are often huge like a sandbox game, linear like a FPS but very heavy on CGI, dialog and cut-scenes. It is obvious that a huge media format like the blu-ray was necessary, just like back in the day a game like FFVII wouldn't have been possible on a cartridge. If we compare FFXIII to the older entries it is a FACT that FFXIII is not even half of a game of what the older games used to be. But the question is, what happened? Lazy devs? Greed? Westernisation? Space limitation? Square never said anything outside the lines of "both versions will be equal" or "X360 development will not affect the PS3 version", you know, to avoid a riot between fans that would have probably caused lower sales. But I do believe that something happened and it was due to space limitation.

FFXIII graphics were some of the best I have seen but the extreme linearity was strange and the pace of the game was way too convinient. The FFXIII world was literally empty. You couldn't do anything outside of the story (corridor of death) until the thrid disc (see how convinient?) and even then all you can do is either do missions (all of them consist of the same) or continue with the story. But now we see Nomura promising so many things for Versus... Kinda strange. This is why I believe the game's going to stay as an exclusive but they can change things like using less CGI and fewer voice acting so they can fit chunks of the game on multiple disc while still presenting a pseudo-openworld like in the older FF games on the PSX with some backtracking and exploration elements between discs.

As you can see I don't consider the X360 a less capable console than the PS3 (graphically) but I do believe that the DVD9's a huge drawback. You can name many big games like Oblivion or Red Dead Redemtion but those game don't make use of many things that require lots of space like the CGI and voice acting. You know how dramatic and heavy on presentation FF games are...

shadow27973049d ago

Whether XIII on 360 gimped the title or not, it certainly delayed its release. I don't want Versus to be delayed or slowed down. We haven't even really seen anything from the game yet. If MS gets involved it could be a few more years before the game sees the light of day.

catguykyou3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Actually audio can be compressed fairly well with minimal loss. Hell RDR has tons of audio and a huge open world and is on one disk. It's the cgi that eats up all the disk space. Tons of it. If versus used all in game graphics there wouldn't be an issue. Square also seems to like using really old poor quality video compression. There was a good article explaining how square could of fixed the resolution of the cgi and still saved more disk space by going with a newer vido compression format.

Redrum0593049d ago

Judging from the comments above, many 360 fanboys are in deep denial. Sad realy. Anyways, f*** finalfantasy series, wada has turned SE into the next EA

nnotdead3049d ago

"In January an SE interview with Japanese magazine ( ) spilled some interesting details involving the development of FFXIII. It was stated that enough content was cut from the game to make another title."

this why people believe the game was gimped on the PS3. i myself have no idea if the content was cut because of the 360, or if it was just a design choice.

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La Chance3049d ago ShowReplies(2)
Imperator3049d ago

I have my fingers crossed. Honestly, the moment FFvsXIII goes multiplat is the moment I take it of my list of must buys. It's SE's last hope to redeem themselves. If they make it multiplat, then all hope is truly lost.

iagainsti1203048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

If you really feel that way ur not a true gamer who gives a [email protected] if it went Muti-plat play it for the game not the politics. + do you all really think that the 360 gimped the PS3 version of FF13. The game was almost done when they started Porting it, if anything it was the 360 that had the gimped version. The PS3 version was what it always was. By the way i have a PS3 and a 360 so i dont really care what system its released for i got the best of both worlds i can play Uncharted and Halo.

ohh and as for FF being on PlayStation is tradition thats bs it was on Nintendo 1st not PS, Square soft- Square Enix have never been platform loyal

Army_of_Darkness3049d ago

Lets just expect the worst, or should I say the obvious?!
That way, we won't be dissapointed and we won't have no one to blame but SE themselves if the game turns out dissapointing like FF13( even though the visuals were nice & all)...

execution173049d ago

for RDR, probably the only good thing that came out of FF13 was being used to get me RDR

EvilBlackCat3049d ago


iagainsti1203048d ago

their are so many Loyalist out there for the 360 and PS3 and all it does is prevent them from playing all the good games that are on other systems. I like to play games so i got an xbox 360 and a PS3 i use both systems as much as the other both have pros and cons but at the end of the day i just want to play games after work and having both sysems lets me play everything thats not a Wii or PC exclusive

Silver3603049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Squarenix just made a RPG that was a rail shooter. It sucked and was not fun. It was prettier on the ps3 and that is all the difference between the two versions. MY lord this games only saving grace was the battle system. This was a bad design decision not something being gimped.

I played this crap for over 100 hours looking for the fun never found it yeah hate the game now.

Game13a13y3049d ago

R.I.P. Square
PS: we will not miss you.

Redrum0593049d ago

Rest in peace Square
The Hell with Enix
The Hell with Wada
It's now up to Nomura

FanOfGaming3049d ago

Thanks for the positive feedback guys. 1.1.5 get off your high horse, mistakes happen.

TROLL EATER3049d ago

Squaresoft used to produce TRIPLE AAA standard games now square enix they just care bout money.

JohnnyAkiba3048d ago

They only care about TRIPLE $$$

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NastyLeftHook3049d ago

if they do, it will defidently be a bad choice for square enix imo to go multi. ex: utilizing the cell for ps3, when you think about it we havent seen a true next gen ff game until we've seen what sony did with ff on ps3, just like they did with ps2. i know that final fantasy xiv will be exclusive most likely because its made my sony.

sikbeta3049d ago

As I said in other article, FFvs13 Multiplat... not going to happen, Nomura will leave the minute Wada announce that, sales will favor PS3 Again but it'll sell less than FF13 cos FF Players will be all mad about the crap SE is doing with their Beloved Franchise, so FF Supporters will Abandon the hopes of a True JRPG like the old and nice days of Squaresoft, after some time, SE Shareholders including Sony, will want to cut Wada's head...

FordGTGuy3049d ago

If you reason for not buying a game is that they are releasing it on another platform also than your not a true gamer. In reality no one could give half a crap about whether or not it was released on another platform and in the end it only creates a larger fan base and more sales to fuel future game development.

There are three major reasons FF13 was favored for the PS3.
1. Looked better on PS3
2. FF is a known PlayStation franchise to the point where most people that owned a PS3 and Xbox 360 would naturally favor the PS3.
3. Xbox 360 gamers are not as big of JRPG fans as PlayStation gamers.

Square Enix made the right move just like Bungie is making the right move going multi-platform.

Def Warrant3049d ago

If releasing FFvs13 on multiple platforms means gimping it, then i don't want to have any part of it. FF13 was mediocre already. We don't need another following it's shoes. Sometimes you have to learn to balance quality and selling yourself out. They have made 5 mil with FF13 right? why not take a chance and make a real FF game by leaving it on one platform? Greed will eventually kill this industry trust me.

FordGTGuy3049d ago

To have a larger amount of people to sell your game to. Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 now have large amounts of customers and unless your a 1st party developer it would be almost insane not to go multi-platform.

How would it not utilize the power of the cell?

I don't see why people think that either system still has a clear advantage over the other on hardware. In reality both systems are scraping the bottom of the bowl to squeeze out performance to keep up with PC gaming.

Can't wait to see what the new PlayStation and Xbox will do! (It better involve at least 2 GB of ram)

Def Warrant3049d ago

Sometimes it's not all about money. They've already sold 5 mil with ff13. why not take the chance and make a quality ff game on one platform. They can afford it.

wil4hire3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

I'm sorry, but if you can't tell the difference between the Unreal Engine & PS3 exclusives, you're hopeless and right.. YOU cant tell.

However, playing both consoles, there is a clear difference in game quality. Microsoft doesn't cater to their own studios, just throwing out games & buying temporary exclusives to beat sony. Which is why there is none of the quality titles on the 360 that compare to say.. God of War, or.. well name anything.

You don't want to believe, thats fine. But others can tell the difference in content between MLB0+ and 2k's games, GT5 compared to Forza3/Other series on sheer scale & scope. GOW3 vs Bayonetta. Infamous vs Prototype.

Its like you want to sit here and lie to all of us and say you don't see a difference between running Gt5 In its higher native resoltuion/car count/polygonal detail, and Forza3's 8 cars with blacked out cockpits to save the framerate.

I'm glad you can do that, but im also glad I don't have to pretend I don't notice a difference.

Were you the guy that people had to convince to get rid of tapes for CD? Can't tell HD from SD? I mean come on.

Theres no reason to NOT think that the PS3 isn't pushing out more advanced engines, especially with the focus on their studios & actually wanting to push the bar forward with their technology. They are a hardware company. Proof is in the titles, not a make believe world.

You can say theres nothing on the PS3 that the 360 can't do. But you're literally just saying that seeing as how the latest entry into the Trump PS3 World -- Alan Wake, is SubHd and runs different models in cut scenes than in game... Same with the last one, Splinter Cell.

The priorities of the companies are different, and it shows.

SE can do what they want, to turn a cheap buck. But thats why PS3 owners are sad to see it happen, because it means we miss out on what could be a great product. Not one rushed out and limited to the arcade 360 sku. Theres no rush to just play a game because its out you know? Its nice to play a good overall title.

PC gaming is PC gaming. Consoles are never compared to them, since they don't have the specifications.

FordGTGuy3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

I own both a Xbox 360 and PS3 and having played the best both can offer I can saying without a doubt both are on the same level. The difference is only in the games themselves, and neither look impressive compared to modern PC games.

My computer out performs both the Xbox 360 and PS3 in terms of graphics but that is only natural as the hardware in my computer is more advanced and has less bottle necks(512 mb of ram bottle neck on both consoles.)

Forza Motorsport 3 has most of its processing power taken up by its physics engine and running at a solid 60 fps. On the other hand GT5 uses most of the PS3's power towards graphics which can be seen by the highly detailed cars shown so far.

Can't see SD to HD? Actually I own over 100 blu-rays so your argument is void. More advanced engines can only go so far and the PS3 and Xbox 360 are doing great considering how old the hardware is. But the Hardware is slowing the consoles down and that is why the next console are not to far off.

Alan Wake might be Sub-HD but might I remind you the RDR on PS3 is Sub-HD compared to HD on the Xbox 360.

Please take off your fanboy glasses, open your eyes and think clearly for once. I'm sorry I offended your perfect PS3 and its unbeatable performance, I swear to god we should just give you fanboys guns and let you kill yourselves over the Xbox 360 and PS3.

"SE can do what they want, to turn a cheap buck. But thats why PS3 owners are sad to see it happen, because it means we miss out on what could be a great product. Not one rushed out and limited to the arcade 360 sku. Theres no rush to just play a game because its out you know? Its nice to play a good overall title. "

There is no reason that the PS3 version would suffer because of the Xbox 360 version as they were developed separately so please stop with the dumb remarks.

Daver3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

''Alan Wake might be Sub-HD but might I remind you the RDR on PS3 is Sub-HD compared to HD on the Xbox 360.''

Hmmm That's the point dude... Alan Wake is an exclusive on Xbox that is sub-HD and RDR is a multiplatform game that is sub-HD on ps3.

wil4hire3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

And it runs at a higher resolution than Alan Wake does. Just like MGS4 & Ratchet. Again, this is why you're blind because you saw somewhere that, RDR is a Graphical Showcase to highlight the PS3. Since when did that happen? You want to pretend to be a gamer, yet want to ignore the fact that Multiplatform games aren't there to showcase hardware, exclusives are. Which is why you wont even try to refute a single thing I said about any of them.

Again, Live in your matrix where Multiplatform games highlight hardware ability. I'll live in mine knowing that God Of War 3 trumped Uncharted 2 in sheer terms of scale/textures/lighting/proces sing. I don't have to pretend RDR is supposed to be the next Crysis, because no one in the world said it was. You might as well hide behind GTA4 too, since it was also SubHd, running the same engine.

I'm the one being a fanboy by saying that the unreal engine doesn't perform as well as an engine designed specifically for the PS3. Right.

I'm a fanboy because Forza3 has 1 model for the menu, 1 for the start of a race, 1 after you start the race ( cockpit gets dimmed down ), and only has 8 vehicles on the track with physics that result in sliding on rails or rolling on a floor like a puppy. GT5 has the same glitches, and runs in 1280x1080p or what not, with 16 vehicles and doesn't have to hide the interiors of the vehicle. Physics engine that just does model swap for damage.

I'm a fanboy for pointing out factual differences in PS3 games, and multiplatform games.

Cry all you want. You haven't offended me, I own every console that ever existed. Sure some are busted in the closet, but so what? I'm not blind. I love PC games, and they are great. But its a pathetic excuse to try to ignore the fact that we are talking about consoles.

Heres a logic circle.

1. Multiplatform games are designed to be 100% Identical.

2. No Multiplatform game has more advanced technology & Performance than PS3 engines.

1 & 2 are true. Which is why a multiplatform game means that it will not utilize the PS3's (God of War, Uncharted2, MGS4, MLB, GT5) ability.

Again, blind. Stick to the PC section, but dont bumble in here to point out how great the PC is.

radphil3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )


You must have never been on the field.

Time = Resources
When you have to develop for MORE THAN 1 platform, that takes time from development to make it so that you have to focus on 2 things, more time away from Q&A because now you have to make sure you focus test on 2 forms, more time away from programming, because now you have to make it work for 2 platforms, etc.

This is common knowledge. If you have to split up your focus, that's more resources and less time you have to do things.

DaTruth3049d ago

You just made his point! Multiplatform = subHD. If that game was PS3 exclusive it would look better and not be subHD.

radphil3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )


You would think that it would be easy to explain that you can actually have the potential to get great stuff out of 1 thing if you focus time and effort to it based on the amount of resources you have.
The funny thing is that everyone else is getting just 1 disagree. I wonder who that could be from...

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RememberThe3573049d ago

I don't see it happening. It's definably possible but Nomura is going to get his way. He wants to develop for one platform and he chose the PS3.

RememberThe3573049d ago

And let Kingdom Hearts nose dive into crapsville. These games aren't FPS they need they're creative minds or they get lost.

Noctis Aftermath3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Square enix without nomura? i can only hope, with the way square are going if he quits and makes his own studio then i can completely ignore all future SE releases.

RIP - Squaresoft

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Nomura is a fanboy from PlayStation.

And how a FF will touch the full performance for the PS3, if this come for Xbox 360? Will downgrade the performance.

thehitman3049d ago

On 360 wont happen at least up to a year after Versus releases if they decide to port it. They dont have any code/engine ready for Versus on the 360 yet.

Jikla3049d ago

Or we ps3 owners get kicked in the balls and the game gets delayed for a year because they want to release it on the xbox 360 at the same time as ps3.

-Alpha3049d ago


Why is it considered "bad" that SE went Multiplat?

Is it because the assumption is that they had to downgrade the game?

I'm just wondering how people know that. What if FF13 was going to be the quality it is now even if it was exclusive? Wasn't FF13 already under production well before it was announced/went multiplat?

Anyways, just curious, I'm unaware of the controversy around this game.

As for Versus, it could very well go multiplat but I'd like to see if SE make a better game if they stay exclusive, and I'd love to see more third party devs utilizing the PS3.

NastyLeftHook3049d ago

i think its great A final fantasy is on 360. so many people can play it, what i want though is for suare enix (probably wont) to utilize the cell architecture for the ps3 and bluray disk. i think its a great opportunity to maximize the ff series to utilize the bluray disk. granted i know they didnt for the previous ff on 360 and ps3, but square really has a great machine to utilize the series on it.

Noctis Aftermath3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

I have a question,

Why is it good for them to go multiplat with versus? the only answer i can think of is for more potential sales.

When it comes to game quality, sales have no part in it.

What potential benefits(besides what i mentioned) does going multiplat give? i can only think of potential negatives like: fitting the game onto multiple DVDs which still end up with less overall space, also the disc swapping that comes with it, it's a valid argument(though unproven) that square didn't include backtracking in FF13 because of the possible problems that disc swapping can cause.

It's only logical that people are going to be pissed about versus going multi, and unless someone can convince me otherwise there is NOTHING good that will come from versus going multiplat, as a gamer i will not see an increase in quality because of it, it has a much higher chance to have a DECREASE in quality and that is something that people who were looking forward to this game DO NOT WANT.

Edit: I'm only refering to versus, i don't really care about other SE games to be honest.

Dacapn3049d ago

All I have to say is if it was the 360 that made the game so terrible, than I want versus to stay exclusive. If versus plays in anyway similar to XIII, whether it's exclusive or not, I won't be buying the game.

sajj3163049d ago

I don't consider going multiplatform a bad decision. It needs to be strategic. SE has always pushed the RPG boundry with FF titles. This is what fans expect. I've expected this since the first FF game.

RememberThe3573049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

They put resources into porting the game over to the 360 rather then using those resources to add towns into the game or finish it faster. Ask any developer, it's always preferable to work on one platform in terms of delivering a quality product.

That said I still love FF13, but I would rather them focus on one platform to make the game the best they can make it.

Cold 20003049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

FF13 exclusive to the PS3 would have been like other exclusive PS3 jrpg's. It would have taken full advantage of the PS3 hardware and wouldnt have been gimped by the 360.

A bit like this

@below: Demons Souls is a JRPG ? LMAO, its an action RPG. Its not because its produced by a japanese studio that it makes it a jrpgs like FF or Lost Odyssey for instance.

And Valkyria Chronicles is actually a 360 exclusive that got switched to PS3 for business reasons. Could have been easily done a 360.

Parapraxis3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

And these!

You shoulda saw that one coming, then again your trollfu always fails to impress.
*is still un-impressed*

DaTruth3049d ago

If Demon's Souls is not a JRPG and it being Japanese has nothing to do with it, please explain to me the characteristics of a WRPG.

WRPG characteristics, I'm waiting!

Meryl3049d ago

lol the games you just mentioned was never ment to be omfg teh gfx, and WKC gfx was downgraded for larger worlds and online play, anyway in RPG's gfx!= good rpg, ff xiii sucked

BRG90003049d ago

Yeah Alpha, that's exactly why. The game wasn't the best RPG of all time and going multiplatform was an easy move to blame for it, even though there's really no basis for the claims.

Plus it was deprived of the magic power that makes PS3 exclusives better than all other games regardless of actual quality or content. :p

patterson3049d ago

The biggest reason for me on why I didn't like the porting of FFXIII to 360 is because instead of releasing the PS3 version as soon as it was completed, they waited to finish the 360 version, which we all know had to be ported afterwards. So it caused a a long delay. Had it been a timed exclusive, I really wouldn't have cared.

Godmars2903049d ago

How have you been online, been on N4Gs, and not know the answer to that question?

In regards to FFXIII its that the quality of the game became suspect. Especially since its time announced as a multiplatform title does not equal when the decision was made to make it multi. The devs had a plan and schedule, and even if the PS3 version was 80% complete, when the decision came to make the 360 version, the PS3 one was reevaluated. Changes were made to "balance" both for retail.

Weather or not such is true, if its ever revealed by anyone from Square it'll be years after the fact.

As for Versus, its even more under a cloud than XIII was, so anything can happen.

-Alpha3049d ago

"How have you been online, been on N4Gs, and not know the answer to that question"

Honestly godmars, I don't know lol.

I was just wondering, which is why I asked. I have an idea, but don't know any solid information. I wasn't all that into FF13 anyway so I kinda spaced out.

Who says they "balanced" it out?

I mean, if the PS3 version was already made couldn't they just make the 360 version, and then remove the PS3 parts if it couldn't fit onto the 360 version? Instead there is this general attitude that they downgraded the PS3 version-- I am just asking if this is actual fact or just a theory/assumption, I've never paid attention to the whole issue. When FF13 went multiplat I was hanging out in Gamespot too.

Godmars2903049d ago

The thing is for one, at least a year and a half of FFXIII's dev time was "wasted" on a PS2 verion. For another, a supposedly PS3-only dev engine was rumored to have gone multiplatform long, long before "The Betrayal" had been made official. All that adds up to too big of a window for the three disc DVD9 version not to have had an effect on the BR one at any state of its development. Especially when Square was openly supporting M and the 360 while fearful of Sony "dominating" the market.

Now tell me that last bit makes any sense coming coming out of the mouth of CEO if "money hats" weren't involved.