Sony exec: Exclusives are a thing of the past

"Now the topic we was on was Exclusives and this went both ways on the subject saying they was both "Important" and "Nothing new", Our buddy cleared things up by saying..."

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NYC_Gamer2647d ago

thats why sony owns 21 game studios...

RememberThe3572647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

All these damn studios and they still don't have one that does RPGs. Now that I think about it I'd low to see a Media Molecule RPG. That would be epic.

HolyGrail2647d ago

Mm on a RPG would probably do very well, to bad we'll never see that

EpicFailGuy2647d ago

Hey you never know, they just may!..some day

Kratos Spartan2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

just make your own RPG with LBP2. ;-)


RememberThe3572647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

low = Love*

BattleAxe2647d ago

Isn't SOE responsible for Everquest?

-Alpha2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

It's OK 357, we still "low" you anyway ;)

Actually the more I think about it the more you are right, Mm would make an awesome RPG. They are just so creative and would add so much personality.

I am very disappointed with the lack of RPGs in general this generation.

I'm especially disappointed in Level 5 not making Dark Cloud 3.

Here's to hoping Sony reveals some RPGs at E3. Hopefully one of their multiple studios makes one.

evilmonkey5012647d ago

Not developing Dark Cloud #3 is an epic fail. I loved those games. White night chronicles sucked, unfortunately. So what do they do? get right to work on Wnc 2. Give us what we want. We want DC3!

acere2647d ago

have u try demons souls?

-Alpha2647d ago

I adore Demon's Souls, it's my 2009 GOTY.

But I need more RPGs, and ones with a bigger focus on story and character. I'm so dying for RPGs.

mcgrawgamer2647d ago

good idea. a lot people don't do their homework but the MM guys were part of the original Fable team. Would love to see what they could do with an RPG using the LBP engine.

Crazy Larry2647d ago

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't take this as a fanboy comment...I'm an avid RPG'r and I own both systems. Demons Souls and Valkyria Chronicles were both masterpieces...but the 360 has the PS3 beat far and wide with RPG's this gen. If you really love games, and not just systems, get a 360. Mass Effect 2, Fable 2, Lost Odyssey (SPANKS FF13 imo) and Blue Dragon are all fantastic titles and shouldn't be missed if you love RPG's. PEACE GAMERS!!!

RememberThe3572647d ago

We can always count on you for the moral support.

Saigon2647d ago

Sony has several studios that develop RPGs...Currently they are working on several and should be out sometime soon...they have been working on them since sometime last year...their was a report that listed Sony has 5 or more in development...

UltraNova2647d ago

Wow Alpha and remember357 are u in love or something?? LOL I'm kidding, I,m kidding!

The bad thing is that LBP will suck the life out of them. It takes them 2 years to make the game and they spent another supporting it. LBP3 is as sure as rain so dont expect an RPG anytime soon from them, not this gen at least.

s45gr322647d ago

OOOps!!! I meant to agree Level 5 has done exclusive RPGS for PS2 and PS3 but they are third party due they also have made rpgs for nintendo ds. My bad.

Theonik2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

It would be particularly interesting as MM was founded by former lionhead employees.

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Noctis Aftermath2647d ago

Sony should steal Nomura and give him his own studio (first party of course).

This gen sony have turned from the RPG metropolis to the RPG wastelands, there has been a few great RPGs but you could count those on one hand and let's not forget that none of them are first party.

AbyssGravelord2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

Bubbles! Great Idea!

Darkfocus2647d ago

what are you talking about Demons Souls was first party

97gsx2647d ago

Nope demon souls was third party but had assistance from sony.

El_Colombiano2647d ago

Ummm. No. Demon's Souls was published by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, which means that Sony owns Demon's Souls. They hired FromSoftware to do the major developing but sent in their own men to direct the game's development.

zoks3102647d ago

....look at it this way, think how expensive it would be to make a last gen RPG right now. See where I'm going?
Imagine taking an RPG like FF7 and making every aspect of it modern and in HD, it would cost way too much and even big dev's and publishers wont take the risk.

catguykyou2647d ago

Demon souls was published by Sony. FromSoftware owns the rights to Demon souls. Think of it this way. You want to make a game but you don't have any money or not enough and you have no way to actually sell it. You come to me. I lend you the rest of the money you need for the game and I take care of selling the game for you. We agree that I get what I put into the deal plus 15% of whatever the game makes. Do I then own that game? Not unless that was part of the agreement, which wasn't the case with Demon Souls.

shadow27972647d ago

Doesn't that make Demon Souls second party or something...?

catguykyou2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

2nd party is a company that isn't owned by Sony but has agreed through contract to be published/ only make games for Sony. First party is actualy a company owned by Sony. Just using Sony as example. Because from software makes other games for other consoles it is third party.

Meryl2647d ago

bubbles yes i think nomura would happily except that offer, and you just never know what he will do now that wad has stabbed us all in the back

AssassinHD2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

Demon's Souls was co-developed by FromSoftware and Sony Japan. Sony owns the IP.

That is why the back of the box states Copyright 2009 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, licensed to and published by Atlus, U.S.A Inc. for distribution in North America and Mexico on the PlayStation 3 Computer Entertainment System.

Minokichi2647d ago

they have the money to do it too. i would tell him like this lol say we at Sony want u to be over our RPG development u can hand pick your team and come up with a name we will also fund whatever u need Nomura and he be yeah sure lol but one can only dream

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Kratos Spartan2647d ago

is why Sony are in a league of their own...

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mikeslemonade2647d ago

Talk with your money and just buy exclusives from now on. Stop buying the shovelware unless they are really good.

sikbeta2647d ago

Let me rephrase that sentence again:

"Sony exec: [Third Party Exclusives] are a thing of the past"

Now that sounds Better and it's totally true since Sony got Everything Cover if we talk about Exclusive Titles: