IGN: Red Dead Redemption PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Video Comparison

Check out IGN's latest video feature to see which console has the better graphics in this side-by-side comparison.

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RememberThe3572982d ago

I'll still be getting the PS3 version for the bonus content but R* has to get their shit together if they want Agent to hang with the big boys.

BakedGoods2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Yeah, PS3 blur at 0:54 *shudders*.

I'm looking forward to Rockstar finally making some *real* next-gen content with Agent. They've got a lot to prove after this RDR mess.

Darkfocus2982d ago

this comparison isn't even 720p and it's compressed there's no way you'd be able to see a difference in this video :/

BakedGoods2982d ago

The sad part is, even at a low video res and compression you can still tell the difference. If you can't consider yourself lucky.

gamer78042982d ago

if you download the 720p version if you are an ign insider you can clearly see the differences. Its a great game though and equal fun will be had on whichever version you get.

Army_of_Darkness2982d ago

I seriously don't understand why your getting disagrees?! because as much as I hate to admit it, the 360 version does look better! you don't even have to look hard to notice the difference!

thorstein2982d ago

Yeah. On that video. But in the real world, my RRR does not look like that. And if the 360 looks better than my PS3 version then so be it, but should the articles here reflect reality?

commodore642982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

@ army.

Dude, 'remember' and others are getting disagrees because the ps3 fans cannot stand it when the ps3 peforms worse and is called out.

When the PS3 excells, then we must laud it for its awesome prowess.

funnily enough, when the ps3 underperforms, we must make excuses, blame developers, downplay the differences - ANYTHING except acknowldege the facts that the ps3 underperformed.

This is the unwritten rule of N4g and yeah, it's a sad state of affairs, yet that's precisely why you got disagrees.

In fact, ever since this Rdr fiasco, ps3 fans have debubbled me simply because I am pointing out the facts.

The personal attacks and abuse have piled on thick and fast in the last few days.
It's amazing to think that these people's egos are so inextricably intertwined with their ps3 console that they resort to abuse and name calling whenever their fragile egos are knocked, even slightly.

It's disturbing to think these people call themselves 'gamers', when clearly they simply are angry, insecure fanboys.
Some are young and I can cut them some slack, sure, but quite a a few are in their thirties and fourties...
That's a worrying prospect.

SaberEdge2982d ago


I know exactly what you mean. Some fanboys are just way too sensitive and biased.

This game looks somewhat better on the 360. That's just the way it is.

raWfodog2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

I dont agree with all the personal attacks that are leveled at you and its true that fanboys will never logically argue an issue but I have to say that the blame for this does go to the developers and not the PS3. It's not as if the PS3 cannot run at 720p, 1080p. This is just a cost issue with R* re-using the same tired engine that they used for GTA4.

BTW, I love my 360 and my PS3 equally :) but I will be getting this on the PS3 because I dont do LIVE.

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thorstein2982d ago

These bogus rigged comparisons have got to go.

jjohan352982d ago

I saw comparisons in real life with my PS3 and my friend's 360 copy (on my 360). The 360 version looks sharper on my television.

thorstein2979d ago

Right. I don't disagree with that. Just that this looks nothing like what is on my tv and these fanboys know it. Now it has become "look how much spamming flamebait we can put on N4G!" Like MS cares and will reward them.

sikbeta2982d ago

This Game is using the same Engine as GTAIV, right, so everyone knows what happened with that game and by that there is no complaints at all, cos no-1 can make a "bayonetta case" over this game and IF it's what guys + reviewers are saying, the game is great, so you no-1 will give a Damn...

Hydrolex2982d ago

WTF is that ? Get some help from Naughty Dogs or work harder on the PS3 version... don't make us look bad

By the way RDR is overrated ! good game but no where close to +9

Pootangpie2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

R* was never loyal to sony GTA was never a playstation staple either deal with it all corporate companys care about money that goes for Sony,MS,Nintendo,Square Enix,Ubisoft,Activision,EA and espically Rockstar

lowcarb2982d ago

RDR is rated perfectly fine and AW is way underrated. How dare you hate on the best western game ever created.

gta28002982d ago

Did IGN do a comparison video with any other multi plats that were superior on the PS3? if I recall, they didn't do a separate review on FF13 or a comparison video. I may be wrong though.

himdeel2981d ago

...this is NOT gaming journalism. It does nothing but toss heaping loads of fuel to the fanboy flames.

divideby02982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

^ Agreed.

Rockstar is just stupid for releasing such a diff in versions and graphically opps in both.

I fully agree with you about Agent, now they have to prove something to me before I put Agent on my must buy list. They do NOT get a pass for me, after I bought the PS3 version of RDR

divideby02982d ago

Blnid DAs are just:
single 360 console owners
rockstar employees
or just gamers who accept substandard quality...

geez, grow a set or buy a set of glasses

TheBlackSmoke2982d ago

Theres such a huuuuuge difference, how the hell can i play this game knowing my version is soooooooo inferior..?


riseer232982d ago

Last night when i was playing rdr something dawned on me..Iforgot to turn the rgb to full..Before the game looked blurry as hell and just wasn't sharp.After i turned on rgb to full it was like a new game the colors looked very sharp the overall looked hella nice.I would be happy if rockstar would fix the bugs,other then that i have no problems with the game.Websites blow it up like crazy,buy the game and enjoy it..

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K-Tuck2982d ago

Its pretty weird how one scene shows a lot of dust kicking up in the Xbox version and the PS3 version is missing it entirely. Yet, near the end, the PS3 version shows dust in places the Xbox version does not.

Parapraxis2982d ago

Dynamic environments maybe?

Kleptic2981d ago

yeah there is dynamic wind or something I read in one review...that could have been it...

same with the one point the 360 and PS3 versions have radically different skys despite it being the same 'scene'...

retrofly2982d ago

When in motion there is very little difference, from that video anyway.

A compressed reszied vid on the internet.

Genesis52982d ago

I'm waiting for somebody to compare all the comparisons.

Nike2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Dude, phenomenal idea! I'll tell my buddy on Gametrailers to get right on it (seriously).

NastyLeftHook2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

im wondering when all of this will end.