Lost Planet 2 Review (DualShockers)

François Chang of DualShockers writes, "Lost Planet 2 is Capcom’s latest entry in its young and successful third-person shooter series. It sports single-player and multiplayer campaign, online competitive multiplayer, and so much going for it. And considering that the original Lost Planet may not have been the most technically sound game of this generation, one would think surely its sequel will make all of its past wrongs right. Unfortunately, Lost Planet 2 falls short of what could of been and ultimately disappoints in more than one way..."

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Hitman07692953d ago

It's a sad day when a game gets hyped up beyond the levels of most multi-platforms by a single good trailer only to be crushed down by the wrath of god and all that is holy via the beloved François. But what must be done must be done. Let the truth see the light! @Capcom This is the first time you let me down in a long time, please try harder!

Chadness2953d ago

Happens all the time, I'm afraid.

Hitman07692953d ago

I'm trademarking

Nike2953d ago

"Beloved"? Does he hate N4G too? Or does the hierarchy have further ranks?

erathaol2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I bought Lost Planet 2, its a really fun game. It has pretty much everything I've ever wanted from a Starship Troopers game and more. Not to mention the grind-fest of Achievements/Trophies and Unlockables keeps something to look forward too for those who enjoy the game.

I did loose confidence in reviewers now. As most of these same sources ranted/raved that GTA IV was the greatest game to ever be made, when it was actually one of the most boring games I've ever played.

Nicaragua2953d ago

"@Capcom This is the first time you let me down in a long time"

Really, i thin Capcom has seriously fallen from grace and has been churning out crap for a loooong time.

Lost Planet 1 - crap
Devil May Cry 4 - crap
Bionic Commando - crap
Dark Void - ultra crap

Ok, maybe crap is too harsh of a word but lackluster certainly fits the bill.

Maybe the only half decent thing they have done of late is Super Street Fighter 4 which is basically what SF4 should have been in the first place. Stick on top of that the cheek of the whole “DLC on the disk” Resident evil 5 bullshit and you have one of the lamest companies in the gaming world.

Hopefully they can do something good with Dead rising 2.

iiprotocolii2953d ago

Couldn't agree with you more. Bionic Commands - which I bought on launch day - was garbage. I wouldn't say that Devil May Cry 4 was bad, though. It had its great moments; when comparing it to other DMC games(except for 2 which sucked worse) it did fall kind of short. The story was pretty good, I thought.

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taz80802953d ago

The first one was not that impressive and sadly it seems like neither is the second one. O wells.

N4GAddict2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Yeah, the first one sold on hype.


I disagree a little on both points. take a look back when lost planet released and tell me how many games really looked that good.

lost planet was a very good looking game for it's time. most of the people I know who hated, hated because they found it too hard. It had a good mix of big guns, monsters, mechs. it's only real problem was it had some crippling gameplay design flaws which made were mostly to do with the actual controls and movement ( when you think about it nearly all the capcom games that have been made in Japan have had really "Fu£"^%ked up " controls, LP, DR, RES5, )..

Anyway, I really enjoyed the first game, but after just playing the first demo for LP2 I lost interest in it. There was just something about it and didn't seem right and they didn't seem to address any of the issues that plagued the first.

there were some mad battles in the first one and some of the mech suites you could get were wicked.

anyway just my opinion.

DaTruth2953d ago

I played the first one in Futureshop and was very unimpressed. I shot the cars and they just disappeared into thin air. Then everything I shot would just disappear into thin air. The graphics looked pretty bad too and that is compared to R1, which was the only next gen game I owned at the time.

-Alpha2953d ago

This series just flew over my head, never really paid attention to it. It's an FPS, right? If so, I have more than I can handle right now anyway

N4GAddict2953d ago

I think this will be the last LP game


no alpha, it's not an fps ( thank god )...I would say it's prob too late to enjoy and get the fun out of the first one and the second is so crap it would put you off anyway, may was well let it fly by

HammockGames2953d ago

The original LP was ok for the time. Not great. Impressive in some respects, poorly done in others. And the PS3 version was actually one of the "bad ports"; the 360 and PC versions were truly considerably better.

And I can confirm LP2 is absolute crap. I don't know how Capcom made this game so much worse when it appeared to have much more promise.

If you can find a used copy of LP cheap, might be worth a few bucks for one of the decent versions.

But don't fork over any $$ to Capcom for LP2 - you'll seriously regret it. And it isn't worthy of your time either - an even more valuable commodity.

DannyVenom2953d ago

I remember the original Lost Planet trailer and thinking 'This looks really good.', and it just never performed.

Nice review, bad game.

Hitman07692953d ago

I played the demo and was like "FFFFFF this" Dodged a great bullet there. I know demos sometimes are awful even for a good game but something just told me nothing will ever make this fun...

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