What Games Can Learn from Heavy Rain

PlayStation Unlimited Writes: In my opinion, Heavy Rain did everything it set out to do to an impressive degree, and yet waves of online reviewers complain as though they’d been grossly misled by trailers of Ethan Mars capping bad guys like he was John McClane. Heavy Rain is, and always was, referred to as an interactive movie game. And not a Michael Bay movie, but a mystery drama. So yes, there is a lot of dialogue. Yes, the controls are only slightly different from the maligned quick time events. No, there aren’t millions of explosions. Despite being an extremely accessible game (as in, my grandmother could play it), Heavy Rain is not for everybody. But regardless of whether or not you liked it, it’s impossible to deny that it is different from any other game out right now, and it brings some valuable concepts to the table that future games can stand to emulate.

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NastyLeftHook2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

it dosent matter if your a fat italian guy who has breating problems, you can kick a bald bikers a$$.

in all seriousness games can learn to innovate, to make a product that not only taps into the realm of great a storyline, but an emotional ride as well.

deadreckoning6662837d ago

"What Games Can Learn from Heavy Rain(MY goty 2010)" *fixed*

I agree with the last sentence of ur comment though.

man0fsteel2837d ago

couldn't have said it any better

trisc11292837d ago

and yeah Scott Shelby has a scary wheezing problem

Jack Klugman2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

they can learn that changing babies diapers and mundane crap like feeding the kids is something people get enough of in real life and it's better to skip it in your game.

WMW2837d ago

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solidjun52836d ago

Why haven't the mods ban this trolling moron already. He's a pathetic loser. Reminds me of PoG.