Bulletstorm Reigns Over Black Ops

Mucu from GamesOnSmash writes, "I’m sure by now you have seen the new Call of Duty Black: Ops trailer. It’s got pretty explosions, timed crossbows, and plenty of zip-line action. Pretty awesome, right? That’s what I thought at first, too. However, looking at it now I am engrossed with a sense of wariness and questionability. This feeling is only further enhanced because of the recent unveiling of Epic’s new FPS Bulletstorm. Black Ops simply pales in comparison."

What do ya'll think?

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N4GAddict2832d ago

Let's judge when both games are out.

michael10232832d ago

hopefully bulletstorm is better in every way since I think Treyarch stooped very low by trying to copy what did Modern Warfare so damn good, Treyarch should come up with their own winning formula.

Elven62832d ago

They tried with Call of Duty 3 but people hated it, regardless of the 8 month development time gamers didn't like the storytelling method or the tactical combat since it was different.

Besides, details on Black Ops are pretty scarce, how do you know they're "copying"?

SeanRL2832d ago

Activision is milking cod dry, Bulletstorm looks like a great game that is actually trying something new.

Mr Exclusive2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

pretty much agreed. I heard they have a 3rd studio working on COD now. It could end up being 2 COD's a year from now on :(

2832d ago
Pumbli2832d ago

Treyarch are one of my favorite studios, I'm hoping Black Ops will be just as awesome as WaW.

As for either of these games being better then the other... Just wait, time will tell.

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