New $25 mount available in the Everquest 2 marketplace

examiner writes: Everquest 2's marketplace has a new addition today. For $25 you can be the proud owner of Prowler mount. Everquest 2 has been utilizing the pay-to-play plus microtransaction model for a while now, but this is the first mount that's been put up for sale.
The mount comes in three flavors. You can get an Ethereal Prowler which is purple, a Sinister Prowler which is green, or a Ulteran Prowler which is blue. Each can come in either a Fierce or Arcane version. "The Fierce version increases Slashing, Aggression, Ranged, Piercing and Crushing of caster by 5, while the Arcane version increases Focus, Ordination, Disruption, Subjugation and Ministration of caster by 5." All the mounts run at the 65% run speed.
The mounts will be available for at least one month and will be available immediately after purchase. They are an heirloom item.

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Silber2980d ago

Please - whoever buy a in-Game Mount at this Price is definetly an Idiot

Saryk2979d ago

I agree, however there are alot of idiots. The odd are in SOE favor.